Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day people
Canada, Home of the CFL! :slight_smile:

I found the most Canada pic I could find

That's quite the Canadian collage. At first, I was like, "Where's … oh, there he is. Where's... OK, there." Still haven't found Nolton Nash, Gordon Lightfoot, Michael J Fox, or Bruno Gerussi yet, but I haven't given up yet either.

EDIT: Found MJF.

Anyway, Happy Canada Day, eh?

I love my country. I hate national holidays.

HAPPY DOMINION DAY!! and to those of you that like to celebrate a soft drink... HAPPY CANADA DRY DAY! :wink:

Didn't that change in 1982 when we finally became an independent country? But yes, I'm old enough to know it as that too.

Great country we live in despite our country's warts and all but if it was perfect, then it would be no fun!

Cheers everyone and enjoy!

one thing I absolutely hate about Canada Day is all the darn fireworks. Just got the crap scared out of my by one really loud one very near my house. Really gets on my fragile nerves. Specially when the stuff is supposed to be illegal without a permit yet the police do nothing about it.

Not sure why that is either.

Turns out that, at least here in Ottawa, some fireworks are allowed to be sold and set off around Victoria Day and Canada Day without a licence. These are listed as "consumer fireworks", and are described as, "outdoor, low hazard, recreational firework that is classed as a subdivision 1 of Division 2 of Class 7 Fireworks under the Act and includes fireworks showers, fountains, golden rain, lawn lights, pinwheels, Roman candles, volcanoes, and sparklers but does not include Christmas crackers and caps for toy guns containing not in excess of twenty-five one-hundredths of a grain of explosive used per cap."

It's only when you get into the high hazard "display fireworks" that a licence is required.

Interestingly, firecrackers (basically those that just go bang when lit by a fuse, and the most common ones when I was growing up) are never permitted.

Happy Canada Day - from Bayfront Park in Hamilton.



All the fireworks out west are going to start within the hour. Including the illegal ones to be heard all over the city.

@Grover -You even have Rush in there. Them and the Lions logo were the first items I searched for ;D

Don't see Don Cherry anywhere. Surely he is more Canadian than William Shatner or any other celebrities who have left here for Hollywood.

I love fireworks. Makes me feel like a kid again. If it was up to old people we would all do nothing except sit on our butts and complain about everything. Then go for coffee.

don't assume it has anything to do with age. I have disliked fireworks for decades. As a kid it was entertaining the first half dozen times or so, then it became same old same old. Then it became annoying.

To our neighbors to the north:

Have a happy Canada Day.

Happy Canada Day!!

Hoping you all have a good time today and that we may all be able to look forward to a CFL season (though a shortened one) sometime later this year.

Cheers from Alberta.


Set off a bunch of fireworks.

...I have those. Strange law in Alberta though, you can buy Fireworks, own them, store them, but you’re not allowed to set them off...:crazy_face:

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