Happy Canada Day!

Have a good one, eh?


A bottle of Glenlivet 21 says it will be a rather pleasant day. That, some good music (Sinatra, Motorhead, Waylon) and great weather lock it in.

Thanks for being a good neighbour EH

A man who knows his Scotch!Glenlivet is my go to nonpeaty scotch . I'm a bit partial to the18 year old but 21 is really good as well.I like your musical tastes as well.I am going to finish my day by watching the Blue lay a thumping on the green.It would be the perfect end to my Canada 150 day

Love you all, I'm on my third breskie after a swig or two of Gibsons and Gibsons Finest! 8)

Go Canada Day 150 Go! CFL fans are the best in the nation!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Yeah, the 18 is fantastic! The 21 has a few vanilla notes and seems to leave a light cinnamon after all is said and done and I love that. Good Lord, we get screwed on the price of Scotch in Canada :x The 21 (even before tax) is over $200. in BC. Grrrrr

I don’t smoke because I’m a singer, but sometimes I’ll go full cigar while enjoying a few doubles :cowboy: