Happy CANADA Day everyone

Fly your Canadian flags proudly. We live in the best country in the world. :thup:


Absolutley, I cant belive I still see other countries flags fyling on there cars, there is NO soccer game today people and even if there was, so but your flag in your trunk and so a LITTLE respect to the country you live in and people die for OUR rights And freedoms! "CANADA" :rockin: The best country in the world and from the shores of Nova Scotia to the mountains in BC! GOD BLESS CANADA!!! :thup: :thup:

Amen to that! We have ours flying proudly. It is great to be a Canadian!

yes too bad that Canadians only get partriotic on Canada Day - I was on Parliament Hill today. Wow - it seemed to me that there was a million people in downtown Ottawa - it was incredible.

Unfortunately there are a lot of so called Canadians that can't break the link from their Parents or grand parents country. I remember the World Basketball championships when they were in Toronto a few years ago. When Canada played Italy, Portugal or Greece there were far more cheers for the other teams, and these were not fans from overseas - it was disappointing.
But that's the problem with "multiculturalism" and the "Mosaic". People identify with the old country. Too bad we don't have "The Melting Pot"

Hey Bruce.

I was reading the Mountain News today. If what this gentleman says is true (and I have no reason to doubt him) not only is it respectful to fly our flag but also it is officially the only flag that can be flown.

The Canadian flag, the Maple Leaf, is the only flag to be officially flown on Canadian soil. Period.

[url=http://www.hamiltonmountainnews.com/opinions/article/214255]http://www.hamiltonmountainnews.com/opi ... cle/214255[/url]

Here is some more of his column.

Other flags may be flown with the Maple Leaf, but in an inferior position, lower and smaller and never on the same flag staff or mast.

The only dominant flag to the Maple Leaf is the Royal Standard of the British Monarchy, which can be flown higher than the Maple Leaf, but only when the Queen or her representative is on Canadian soil.

Food for thought for sure.

Happy Canada day to 34,119+ million citizens of the greatest Country in the World.
We fly our flag every day in our back yd., one of two in the area with a full size flag pole and a Canadian Flag on top, proud of it.

Ahhh... so nice to be home for Canada day! Gotta go back in a couple of days... but... Father's Day and Canada Day... IN CANADA... Can't ask for much more!!!!! :smiley::D:D:D