I just wanted to wish all fans, players, coaches, staff and yes Refs of the CFL a Happy Canada Day and Long Weekend!

Get out an enjoy the CFL a great game to watch and follow!!!

does anyone else find it odd that there is no Sunday or Monday game on the 1st weekend?

It's Quebec's fault. Probably has something to do with their desire for secession.

The league wanted a Canada Day game, but their policy of waiting until the last minute to make their schedule left them out in the cold as all stadiums are booked;

Toronto - Jays game
Montreal - Anti Canada Day Carnival and Circus
Hamilton - they have no home and even the local high school fields were booked by then
Winnipeg - International Mosquito Expo
Saskatchewan - The Caronport Gospel Music Jamboree (moved to Regina due to image of Jesus in Taylor Field luxury box windows)
Calgary - Prep for Stampede had to start sometime
Edmonton - boys U12 soccer practice
BC - Vancouver Tree Huggers for the Advancement of Medicinal Marijuana Farming annual convention and bake-off (I'm told the brownies alone are worth the trip)

Ahhh if only they started to plan their schedule earlier.

Pretty funny. I'm still laughing. You got the stereotypical aspect of each CFL region down pat and there's a lot of truth in there too ! Thanks dcmoses. I'm still laughing.

Cheers to Canada and all the CFL Fans, The best Fans in Sports :thup:

Likewise tc23 - can't wait till the Riders play the Ti-Cats :wink:

Montreal should read : McGill Percival stadium booked for the "Who's going to be the next interim Mayor" day.

The CFL knew that TSN would have wall to wall coverage of Hockey free agency on July 1st so that it would be a pointless exercise.

From your "neighbor" to the south, I want to wish all Canadians a Happy Canada Day.