Happy Canada Day ahead!

It has the potential to be a great Canada Day!
The weather looks to be comfortable.
The players seem primed to play hard.
Oh ya it's the start of the season and
Our Great Nation's Birthday!

:rockin: See you in Lot J to kick the football year off everyone! :thup:


My recent serious vascular surgery (everything is now perfect once again) was a great reminder to me how wonderful we have it in Canada with it's world class health health care system and those who work within it...... Not to mention our awesome educational system, opportunities, freedoms, relatively safe streets and beautiful natural wilderness within a few hours drive of every Canadian.

I'm very grateful to live in this fantastic country and doubly grateful to those who risk their lives to protect and defend it.

Happy Canada Day to all !


Have fun and be safe !

Well said Jare and Deer. :thup:

I agree as well, great to here your health is Better there Deer..


Yes, well said...........except the world class health care system (whatever that means) :x

We went to Juno Beach a couple of weeks ago and visited the Canadian Juno Beach Memorial and to the Canadian Cemetery and the Canadian Cemetery nearby - it was very moving. I just wish every Canadian could visit there and see the graves and ages of these Canadians who died and buried on foreign soil.
We are in France for this Canada Day, so won't be in Canada for it. My daughter is up in London working and she is going to the big Canada Day bash at Trafalgar Square headlined by Blue Rodeo.

Happy Canada Day -

Don't forget that it is also the birthday of Canada's Centennial Baby.

Pamela Anderson.

44 this year. :oops: :rockin:

Would this be the correct place to ask about Lot J and the procedure/policy for tailgating?

Is there a link I'm not aware of?

This would be our first time and there are 8 of us. First come first serve?

Hey Brad2332,

Check this link:


Hope it works. Basically first come first serve. Bring plastic cups. BBQs no problem.

Also drop by the CFL Fans Fight Cancer tailgate area (look for the sign) for peameal bacon on a bun etc


Thanks for the reply and the link. Rules seem straight forward and common sense.

I do have a question, are there bathroom facilities? We will have some ladies with us, and previously all i have seen are people using the wall of the school... so.. could be a deal breaker...

Do you think 2-3pm is early enough? cleanup by 5pm or so and ready to go?

Also, is it Lot J or Scott Park for the tail gateing?

Thanks again!

The Tim Horton's a block away is quite used to people dropping by for bathroom breaks. (I believe)

Our Tailgate officially starts at 2 and goes to 5. I am sure people will be there earlier.

Scott Park and Lot J are the same! Cheers!

I'm taking off my football fanatic hat and placing on my history nerd hat.

For the past few years, I have been attempting to get people to recognize what I believe should truly be our nation's birthday: April 17th, 1982.

When Canada was initially confederated in 1867, there were still so many things that out parliament was not in control of, such as foreign policy and the constitution. It wasn't until a rainy day in Ottawa, when the Constitution Act patriated the Canadian constitution, that the Canadian parliament gained complete control over all Canadian affairs.

So while I respect and celebrate July 1st because of what it means to the overall picture, in my nerdy opinion, Canada didn't fully become a country until April 17th, 1982. That is the day that I, and a small group of people I know, celebrate as the true birth of our nation.

That said, we should all be happy to live in such a wonderful country, regardless of whether we agree on the day of this nation's birth.


The Canadian Flag does not fly because the wind moves past it, it flies from the last breath of each military member who died protecting it.

Our soldiers don't fight because they hate what is in front of them. They fight because they love what is behind them.


Not to be argumentative but the former Dominion Day now Canada Day is my choice in my historical view until the province of Quebec signs on to the afore mention constitution from April of 1982. I certainly do not condone the Quebec decision but the Dominion now Canada day is the national celebration even in Quebec for federalists at least.

We live in the greatest nation on the planet where at least at the moment personal opinion is allowed and freedom of speach is given. I believe it was former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker who said (I am paraphrasing) from the early bill of rights in the sixties, Iam a Canadian, a free Canadian, free to believe what I think is right and free to oppose what I believe wrong"

I join with everyone in thanking all those who have given their lives so that I could believe what I choose to believe and promote and others could choose to believe what they wish and want to promote yet we can live in the essence of that freedom to do respectfully.

Thank you Vets! Happy Birthday Canada!!!

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Well the first tailgate of the year was great, let's hope the boys can finish the deal next week!
Great to see everyone again!

I agree. The tailgate was great. I came over to meet you Jare, but got sidetracked when I ran into Frosty Mario. Ah well, I bought a season pass so I'll catch you in two weeks.

I did see you Professor, your bright orange shirt was hard to miss, but unfortunately was pressed for time (I had to get my daughter to the Melrose gate by 4) and didn't get a chance to stop and say hello. Looked like you were having a good time as you were surrounded by TiCats fans (grabbing your sausage?) and I hope you enjoyed your Keiths. I'll catch you next time.

The tailgate was better than the game IMHO.