Happy Birthday to TSN - 35 years ago today

I for one greatly appreciate what TSN brings to the CFL and Canadian sports in general. :slight_smile:

I wonder if it wasn’t for TSN back in the day if the league would still exist. The CFL used to be like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, it just needed some TLC to look good. TSN invested something in the product that showed it was worth considering, and it paid off handsomely for them. I wish they would look back a bit because their coverage is getting stale and their scheduling IMO is hurting the league.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that without TSN, thr CFL would not exist. In the dark days in the 1990s, the league’s bank account was literally in red ink and they seriously thought they weren’t going to be able to start the season. TSN came through with the generous advance on the TV contract money which allowed the lead to continue operating. Without that move, we very well might have seen the end of the CFL at that time

Nice anniversary. Happy Birthday for sure.

If only the “T” still stood for “The” instead of “Toronto”.

I’m always curious about this complaint.

They carry major sports events from across the globe (currently extensively broadcasting U.S. Open tennis), regional hockey for all Canada-based NHL teams for which they have the license, NFL football, all CFL football games (not just the Argonauts), major golf tournaments, major tennis tournaments, NBA (not just the Raptors), MLS (not just Toronto FC).

So why do people lament that it is the Toronto Sports Network?

I’ve never been one to complain about that but the Raptor “Love-in” was a tad excessive, IMO.

The first 7-10 minutes of most every SportsCenter is Toronto based … I have seen Leafs practice be the lead … Eugenie Bouchard was Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard, Bianca Andreescu is Toronto’s Bianca Andreescu … EVERY Leafs, Raptors BJs game has at least 2-3 nightly highlights reel worthy plays … the second coming of Jesus would get less coverage than John Tavares signing in TO did … etc.

It is understandable … their sponsors are centred in TO and Southern Ontario has a huge percentage of potential viewers … but doesn’t make it easier for the RoC to swallow

My favourite one of all time was just a few years ago (2015 to be precise) . All 3 Canadian MLS teams were in the playoff chase but they had a special blurb just on the “Reds” (whatever the heck that’s supposed to be, if its a Man U ripoff that’s ultra weak), and how they are beginning their quest for the MLS cup, and at the end of this commercial, in small font, you notice that Toronto’s opponent will actually be the Montreal Impact (for those scoring at home, another Canadian team).

That would be the equivalent of a commercial talking about the Leafs and Argos playoff game or series (for a national audience) and then in the small print at the end of the commercial, you see their opponent is another Canadian team. Absolutely ridiculous. And people wonder why they call it the Toronto Sports Network LoL ;D

Nice anniversary, but the time to celebrate is not in the middle of a CFL broadcast. Thought I tuned in to see the Riders/Bombers LDC but apparently I had tuned into the TSN anniversary show.

TSN did a lot for the CFL over the years but it is time to take the game elsewhere. TSN has consistently disrespected the league for at least the last 5-6 seasons. They have no competition for the broadcasts so the league is last on their priority list. Just look at scheduling; 5 years ago you have never seen a CFL game NOT on all regional channels and now you are lucky if it gets on more than 2.