~ Happy Birthday to Bob Young today ~

Happy Birthday to the one and only, the Great, Duke of Bob. :thup: :thup: :smiley: :rockin:

Happy Belated Birthday Mr Young. :slight_smile:

Sad but over at RTH they are booing Bob Young's birthday. How utterly sad


Happy birthday, Bob. Go Argos :slight_smile:


Then again, it's nothing new for the Hamilton government, I mean they've always been anti-business and growth.

Happy Birthday indeed. I think we all want a Grey Cup win for our birthday's lol. Even better, a unanamous vote next week in Ivor Wynne's favor.

AKT: After I read what you posted I went over to RTH to see how they were booing Bob Young's birthday.
All I saw was a post wishing Bob a Happy Birthday. Checked several blogs and the comments but saw nothing that booed his birthday. Maybe I missed it.

Regardless....... Happy Birthday Bob. :smiley:

Check some of the comments that have been hidden.

Best wishes for the most awesome birthday ever!

Picat, the reason the post is hidden is because many at the RTH gave the post a thumbs down.
One comment I remember was everyone should wish Bob a happy birthday on the ticat site and not the RTH.
What a bunch of losers.

That was Earl. I don't think he's a wiener.

ooops........for some reason I mis-read 19 and thought it said 18 (truth be known, I can blame myself for that because I've had a prescription for my first ever pair of glasses for a month ........perhaps I need to it up and get the darn thing filled now ?) :lol:

Anyways, the end result is you get to have a few beers 2 days in a row ! lol

Cheers !


That link is hilarious! I love these flashbacks from our youth. Notice the Romper Room and other flashback links to the right of the link. :slight_smile:

On what other forum, would you find a link like this! Priceless and thanks for the chuckle! I just finished listening to Disco Duck after watching that one. lmao

Happy Birthday Bob I hope your caretaker for a very long time. :thup: :thup:


Thanks...but I'll pass. This has been only the second time I have been on the site. Not for me.

Well, I was one saying that birthday wishes are more appropriate here rather than RTH. Look, the RTH site is a site where, as we know, has a fairly high percentage of people who don't like Bob so while a birthday wish there is fine in my books, it will get voted down and greyed out in all probability and I think Bob doesn't deserve that so why not just save some fingers from keystroking there and do it here where it will be appreciated. That's all I was trying to say. But by all means people can do what they want, I try and not tell anyone what they should and shouldn't be doing unless it's something really bad.

And thanks Captain for saying I'm not a weiner! :thup: Although I do like weiners I will say, to eat that is, with mustard on top. :wink:

Happy birthday to the best owner of a professional sports franchise in any city's history.

Thanks for reviving the roar and making me proud to be a Tiger-Cat fan again. It was the team of my youth and hopefully will be the team of my second childhood (which we will all reach eventually :wink: ).

All the best from Mike, (with the seldom used 3 thumbs up). :thup: :thup: :thup:

Happy Birthday Bob.

Well, this is a kind of neat announcement that happened on Bob's birthday: 8)

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