Happy Birthday Pigskin Pete

Happy to report Pete/Paul turns (his field number times the numbers of Ticats on the field for any given play----YOU DO THE MATH!!!) years young Tuesday. Have a great Oskee wee wee day, Paul..

Thanks for you tireless efforts to make IWS a fun place.


HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAUL. Hope you have a great day. pat_cat [Pat] :rockin:

As always, BIG HUGS AND KISSES to the guy who has more heart for this team than anyone I know, just let me know when the retirement cake needs to be done. ( wink wink )

Happy,happy birthday from your fans in Sudbury. Here's hoping for many more!!
oskee wee wee :rockin:

happy birthday man :cowboy:

Happy Birthday!!

As the fans in box I always say...."We Love you Piggie!!"

Happy birthday Paul! Many more my friend...

Oski Wee Wee,

Happy Birthday Paul, and many more

as Pigskin Pete

I don't want to see you go out

unless you are hoisting the Grey Cup

click here and picture it now.