Happy Birthday Maurice Mann

Just want to Wish Mo-Mann a Happy Birthday today

I Hope you have many great ones ahead

Happy Birthday Mo Mann!! :rockin:

Here's hoping that Mo's plan of celebration will include 2 or 3 touchdown catches this Friday night!!!!!

No love for Marwan?

Happy Birthday to Marwan Hage!

Well....Gee..why didn't somebody say so sooner!!!!?????

Happy birthday...Marwan....here's hoping that part of YOUR celebration will include crushing some Eskimo defensive lineman on Friday night!!!!

And my wife celebrated her birthday earlier this week...never mind...I will provide the love for this one!!!

Anybody else we missed????

He likes to be referred to as "Sultan" Hage...lol ! (I don't know where he gets this stuff from but he cracks me up) :lol: