Happy Birthday Mark

Just noticed that today is new kicker Mark Myers 24th birthday. Although a Boreham fan I wish you a happy birthday and good luck tomorrow.

happy birthday to you...
there are uprights,
kick the ball through...
if you dooooooon't
we will booooooo-oooo
happy birthday to you

:lol: And when I ask myself why I come back here, this is the answer. Es, you're moving back up the list :wink: There are some really great people who post here

Happy B-day Mark. Best wishes

Happy Birthday Mark and Welcome to the insanity for which we call The Hamilton Tiger Cats.
I have a secret for you, It is my birthday tomorrow Game Day !! We will win, I have spoken to the officials, done deal.
Have a great game and kick the winning one for me !!!


Thought it was a bit premature... mine's in November. Then I saw it was for Myers. What a letdown.

I honestly thought it was your b-day we were celebrating that's why I opened the thread :wink:

same thing....