Happy Birthday Madjack!

This will make things simpler: correct-by-number! :lol:

Of course, its not complete; we can add to it.

  1. "Core" and "corps" are not the same word.

Etc., etc.

...lol, nice present, he'll have it framed

...happy birthday MJ you old fart

....Yes, have a good one MadJack :thup: ......Just how old are you anyway :lol: ...AND keep the language skills programme front and centre...It's all good ...Ah yes programme and program......

Happy Birthday to MadJack.......cheers


60 :frowning:

He's still a young man!

Happy birthday MadJack.


.....39 with 21 years experience.......Where does the time go . ..Have a wee dram for me MJ

Happy Birthday Madjack

Cheers my man and have a good time for your birthday, you deserve it!

Happy Birthday, Jack. You're birthday is only a week later than mine. Cheers !!!

Been there, done that, got the tuxedo.

Thanks to all

Happy birthday, Madjack. And 60 is the new 50 from what I've read.

Happy Birthday MadJack! (and belated for Dan)

To mark the occasion, I’ve cut a piece of cake for you. ouch.
Don’t worry, this cake is nothing but empty calories. :expressionless:


Its only fitting that your not suppose to eat cake in front of other’s without offering too share. If you do then their going too get upset and than what are we all going too do? Some of us will probably loose our composure and no doubt this will effect morale on the CFL site but I would not worry to much because things could of been worse had you not received your peace of cake.

Happy Birthday.