Happy Birthday Jessie !!!!

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Jessie Lumsden.What a incredible performance today on his birthday.I cannot remember a running back in the CFL who put on such a great show( 12 carries for 211 yards).Your performance tonight inspired your team ,Tigercat fans and a this city,this is the turning point for the season.We showed tonight that we can play with anybody and Jessie Lumsden carried us on his back to victory and has given us the confidence we so desperately needed!!!!!!!!Thank You!!!!

Happy 25th to the star of the evening!

Oski Wee Wee,

what's this kid's season avg now? it's gotta be over 10 a carry now.

well he averaged 18 yards per carry (rounded up) and before tonight he averaged 7 yards a carry

so u do the math

:D :D :D :D :D :D


Oski Wee Wee,

Did somebody say Shat?



LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

554 yds now.
9.4 avg not too bad just like his college numbers.

We sang him Happy Birthday in section 7. I hope he heard.

Good show, Ti-cats.

Oski Wa Wa..

Great Party!

Alot of liquid for the O Line eh Jesse?

Happy Birthday!

Awesome game again Jesse.

Congratulations on that performance, and on your birthday. Many happy returns of both.

We could hear it on television, so it's safe to say he heard it...

Here is something to consider: the last Canadian to win the league's outstanding player award was Tony Gabriel in 1978. It's been a 29 year drought, longest in league history, will it end this year? Jesse's only real competition is the guy he beat tonight, Kevin Glenn

When was the last time a Canadian had a 1,000 yard rushing season? I don't remember myself. With only 446 yards to go and 12 games left I think Jesse will be the next one. Barring injury even 1,500 yards seems possible.

We also sang to Jesse in Box J. Thanks for giving US a present on YOUR birthday!

Sean Millington

Happy b-day. Thanks for the gift Jesse.

Great way for a player to celebrate his birthday with an awesome game like he had (at the expense of my Blue Bombers unfortunately)

He is and will be the biggest ratio buster in the CFL to have a Canadian start and running back is huge.

How long is he under contract for? Be nice to see him signed long term cause it is great for the league to have a player like him. Who could possibly lead the league in rushing in the future.

According to Ted Michaels on the Fifth Quarter last night, Lumsden is in his option year THIS year. My arithmetic (given that Lumsden signed a deal last year) was that his option year was next year, given the two-plus-an-option policy Desjardins has publicly announced as the standard.

Regardless, I do think that kind of performance will pique interest south of the border. If Jesse continues to light it up, somebody is going to take a flyer on him down there.

Oski Wee Wee,

yea we gotta sign jesse to a long term deal ASAP