Happy Birthday Geroy!

A win, 7 catches, 133 yards and that win, at home at last. That's one damn fine birthday if you ask me.

Now he can go out and party it up tonight without having to answer the same questions about the Lions losing.

At 35, I’m not loking forward to the day when he call’s it quits

I think he's got 2-3 more years in him... and Stegall's yards record well within sight!

One of the all time greats.
Geroy is the man.

Milt Stegall>Geroy Simon


These quotes are becoming more and more homerish as Geroys numbers continue to climb. I would never outright say one is better than the other, IMO that is foolish.

Most yards single season : very close with a slight (very slight) edge to Milt
Most TDs single season : Milt had one crazy high season, the rest comparable
Most TD in a career: Milt is far ahead and even if Geroy plays a few more healthy years probably wont catch him.
Most yards in a career: Milt is ahead but Geroy is on pace to catch him in another couple seasons if healthy.
Geroys 5 best years were better than milts 5 best years for yards.
Both had a MOP season
Most important stat in football, Grey cups. Non for Milt. That is a big fat zero.
All this and Geroy has had to play with about 10 times more different QBs lol :smiley:

I think saying one is better than the other is hog wash. These two quality receivers each have an argument to make as to which one is better. Milt will probably have more records when all is said and done, but Geroy probably will have a few of his own and at least one championship win.

Grats to Geroy for passing Elgaard for #5

lol k buddy keep thinking that geroy simon will never be the player on the feild or off the feild milt is and was.

Milt could probably still school him (Geroy learnt everything from milt on wpg's practice roster)

BTW, maybe he will get a new touchdown celebration for his birthday... :roll:

Sorry, numbers speak for themselves.