Happy Birthday Garney Henley 26

82 years young!

1960 - 1975

9x CFL Allstar
4x Grey Cup Champion
1972 MOP
59 career INT's
52 career TD's

Played Offense, Defense and K/R
He never came off the field


It's Brandon Banks Birthday too, But, He has a long ways to go to match Henley

Henley was the "small fast guy" before it was even invented! 8)

In '72 my buddy (we were 16) was injured and home bound; his father wrote Garney telling of "his biggest" fan's plight. He showed up at the door on a week night unannounced (probably just after practice) for a visit; my friend called me to get my ass over. It was a sincere, humble, and revealing insight to his class. Happy Birthday Mr. Henley; the very definition of a "Gentleman, and a Tiger". :slight_smile:

Garney Henley was my favourite Ticat ever. I still have his autograph from '64 or '65.

Thanks for posting , Grover. You always come up with such great info.

As good as Bernie Faloney and Angelo Mosca were, I do not understand how they can be represented on the patio at THF and Garney is not. I drank nothing but Schenley’s Golden Wedding whiskey for years after Garney won the Schenley’s MVP award.

Henley for Schenley, and a flag for Henley on the patio, while he is still here to appreciate the honour!

I second you on that. Henley I consider not just the best Ticat ever,but the best CFL player ever.

Happy Birthday to the very best Garney Henley, I always wondered how the NFL could pass this guy up, but their loss and our gain. Happy Birthday to another little talented guy Brandon Banks. Grover thanks for the great info good fan ;D.

On this we definitely agree. ?

Merry Christmas.