Happy Birthday Coach Reinebold

One of the best TiCats Coaches, EVER !!!!!

Hau'oli la hanau

Happy Birthday Coach Reinebold!

Best Special Teams Coach in the CFL!!!

A huge part of the Ti-Cats success!

Absolutely!!! I saw a few birthday greetings for him on Twitter earlier today.

Could coach R be a HC again, now with the multi year success he has had on top of being loved by this players?

Hard to say. Some coaches as good as they are as position coaches or coordinators, aren't always going to be as successful as a HC. However, Reinebold's big flop as the Bombers HC was many years ago and no doubt he has learned much along the way, so he might make a good HC if given the opportunity and if he wanted to pursue it. He does have many other irons in the fire during the off season so he might be quite happy remaining a coordinator and of course the Ticats players and their fans are in NO hurry to see him go elsewhere.

Happy Birthday to a stand up citizen in Hamilton! Nice job, hope you have some razzle dazzle planned for the weekend, we'll need you!

(thanks for the ball you gave my daughter last year in the stands!)

Have a good one!

Yes Indeed !!!! Just this year alone let's look at his special teams accomplishments shall we :smiley:

4 punt return tds
5 blocked kicks
2 onside kicks returned for tds
1 two pt convert return td
no kick return tds allowed against
42 of 47 fg good/89.4% accuracy
J.Medlock leading scorer in league with 179 pts
F.Plesius 3rd overall in league with 19 special team tackles
B.Banks 3rd overall in league in total combined return yds 1,766 yds

Before the season wasn't he in the running for a HC position or Director of Operation with a local CIS school, I can't remember which one.

Happy Birthday Coach Reinebold!!!

Another great year of coaching the special teams and line backers and adding to the success of the Tiger-Cat team!


It was Simon Fraser University in BC, apparently he decided to decline because as he said "I have work to finish" and as HC and Director of Operation it would be year round and Reinebold goes to Hawaii in the off season to pursue his first true love of surfing, it just wouldn't work out