Happy Birthday Anthony !

Happy 41st to the Greatest Alouette of all time !

Bonne fête Anthony!

Hope you get better soon.

Happy Birthday Anthony!

Here`s someone that still respects him:

[url=http://www.thescore.com/cfl/articles/1259497-argos-head-coach-milanovich-comes-to-defence-of-alouettes-veteran-quarterback]http://www.thescore.com/cfl/articles/12 ... uarterback[/url]

Funny how he doesn't speak to the "performance" on the field this year. We all know he's a great guy and father.
Football is a business. Where was that "protective friend" when Jim Barker kept calling :wink: Oh yeah football is a business. FO ! Scott.

Buono: "Do you like football ? Or do you like being the Quarterback?"

It only took 3-4 posts before the simple "Happy Birthday" thread wanders into the AC-performance topic.
Guess there are NO OTHER threads for that discussion.


And that stopped you from posting Happy Birthday why ? Oh ! You just needed to point fingers :lol:

All he has to do is remember how Ham handled it.. it's time to pass the torch.

I do agree you don't just give it away, you keep battling until someone is better.. then you step aside and mentor.
What I don't want to see is him insist on getting his job back based on reputation instead of performance, keep insisting on getting all the reps in practice to impeded the others from showing that they are ready to move ahead of him.

Right now if I'm Popp I'm taking EVERY precaution regarding his concussion, let him sit another game or two.. take the "no point risking your long-term health" angle or whatever he needs to in order to give Marsh another start. Maybe Marsh's next start he takes a step back, he was far from perfect last night, then Calvillo comes back the following game.

But from that point on.. whoever starts, if it's no happening.. turn to the other. Make it a competition, and if Marsh wins out as Calvillo once did with Ham.. then that's that.

That's how I'm hoping things play out.

The quicker we develop his replacement the better. Get him as much practice time and playing time for the B2B against Toronto and you don't stop until the progression stops when it does then you put the breaks on the kid and go work on the weaknesses in his game.

Tanner gave him the best birthday present. A win from his understudy to help build his legacy.

Mea Culpa. You are entirely correct, in my haste I forgot the main theme myself. A pet peeve is threads on any boards that go sideways from the intent, especially a simple, direct topic like this.