Happy Birthday Angelo Mosca

78 Years old today!!! :thup:
A true Black and Gold TiCat


happy B-Day Kong :rockin:

Happy 78th Birthday Angie #68 True Black & Gold Forever!

Many wishes to you and your family.

Happy Birthday, Ange. I've been a fan for many decades. You are a true Hamilton booster, and one of the most interesting story-tellers there is. I always enjoy meeting you at the St. Anthony's Grey Cup Stag. Best wishes for good health and long life. You are a Hamilton treasure.

Sad news on the scratching post regarding Angelo's health.
"Terrified that her husband would kill himself, or someone else, she took Mosca for an MRI test to find out what was going on. On Wednesday, they sat together in a clinic to receive the results.
Mosca was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, less than two weeks after his 78th birthday."

I'm sory I don't know how to post the link from my phone.