Happy Anniversary Drew Edwards

Saw this on his blog...

[i]I won't be at the game tomorrow night. It falls on my 10th wedding anniversary and given the sacrifices my wife has made so I can do this job (weekends, evenings, road trips, no summer holidays, football 24-7) I decided to put celebrating my marriage ahead of covering a Ticat game. Scott Radley will be on point instead.

My wife has graciously allowed me to watch the game from the resort where we are staying for the weekend - she has taken a greater interest in the Ticats now that she knows some of the personal storylines. I would expect, however, that blogging will be a bridge too far. [/i]

I'm glad that his better half will at least allow him to watch the game.

I think that is pretty lame....maybe just me.

I would like to think that if my wife's job got in the way of our actual date of anniversary that I would suggest a late dinner, nice lunch out, lets celebrate tomorrow solution rather than "Lets bail on a gameday"
Don't know too many people that take two days off for their anniversary?
I just celebrated our 10th in July.
Had a slo pitch game at 6:30 and dinner reservations for 8:30.
My wife suggested it.

Slow news day on the Cats front to be posting this I will admit

Happy anniversary Drew, I like your writting.

If there was one game to miss and report on, it was this one.

Lame?? I am sorry I may not have been married for 10 years actually only 4 But when my wife and I hit that 10 year Mark my employer will be lucky if I dont take a week off work and take her down south or something. Family comes before everything And I like that Drew showed his Wife is before football Class act man anyone who tells you different well I feel bad for there better halfs Football is football but at the end of the day your only who you share your life with.

Oh and Drew Happy Anniversary :slight_smile:

Nice to know someone had a nice time last night!!

Drew pick great time to take a Day off :lol:

It’s your fault, Drew that the Ticats faltered! :wink: Happy Anniversary.

Get your wife to take the “football 101” next year. :thup:

My wife had never seen football, even on TV, until 11 years ago. She went to a couple of games with me and now goes as much as she can and really enjoys the Game Day Experience. She has been to every football 101 they have put on and now understands the game much better. Also, this year with going on the field…and throwing the ball around, she said it was the best one yet! :thup:

Meeting the players and the coaches and other fans at the tailgates helps and quite frankly now she looks forward to the games as much as I do.

At what point do you think Mr & Mrs Edwards turned the game off?

Happy Anniversary!

8) If they were smart, they wouldn't have even turned it on !! :wink:
 Happy Anniversary Drew    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

[quote="Mikefrmthhammer"]Saw this on his blog...

"I won't be at the game tomorrow night. It falls on my 10th wedding anniversary !"

Drew: Does your wife know that its YOUR 10TH wedding anniversary ?
If I used that phraseology, (My as opposed to Our) my wife would probably
sue me for divorce.

Best of luck, Drew (and spouse)