Happy Aboriginal Day

Aneen, Neeji.

Have a happy First Nations Day.



I hope it is not just another statutory government holiday but good excuse if it is.

Love that Vancouver and Toronto are doing a good job of promoting and involving Indigenous culture. One day soon we will have a star.

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Yoo too Dave! :smiley: :+1:

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You too.

Nice that they chose the longest day of the year for this celebration.

Would you mind translating "Aneen, Neeji"?

BTW, I moved your thread from the little-used off-topic subforum to the main CFL Talk one. I think it's OK here for now.


Yeah, if you would. I Googled 'Aneen, Neeji' and a bunch of Japanese Anime came up.

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Let's just assume Google is wrong this time. Hard to believe. I think I'll wait for Dave's explanation. We might not believe him on the UFO stuff but I'll defer to his judgment here. :slightly_smiling_face:


It IS hard to believe. You think Dave has 'judgement'?

How many players in tbe CFL are close to being full blooded indigenous?
I know Dane Evans is proud of his indigenous heritage, but he is definitely below 50% indigenous blood and would not qualify as a dual citizen under the Jay Treaty.

Be nice or he may not answer us, I do want to get his answer now. Calling Dave Da Hammer, come in Dave!

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We kid. Dave's the greatest thing since sliced borscht.

I'm not sure why this came up twice. I feel I must type something.

Dave's the greatest thing since sliced borscht WITH HAGGIS.

Recently I changed my avatar, and will change it back after sending this post.

I attended a celebration to "Honouring Our Children" on June 15 2022 in the city of Portage la Prairie Mb.
I'm including a photo of the program, it was amazing. My best friends Granddaughter danced the Red River Jig during the Kinew Metis Council, "Youth Dancers"

Google Photos


Is that a compliment? I'm really not sure. I don't really like either of those. Don't tell my wife(Ukranian decent) or my best bud (a Scotsman, from Scotland even, man can they drink!)


You don't have to like borscht but you gotta like Dave.


You don't have to like Dave, But everybody loves Borscht. P. S. I like Dave with perogies, holopchi and a dollop of sour cream.

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somehow that doesnt sound right


Ya.. you're correct, keep in mind I spend a great deal of time conversing with rodents on this site and it's Tuesday, So by Thursday I'll be better. Hopefully my new prescription will kick in by then.


When we say that there's no cannibalism in the CFL what we mean is, we have the situation relatively under control.


in the mean time, stick with chili on your hot frogs

Not sure how many. I know Maleek Irons and Papi White of the Ticats also have some Indigenous heritage. There’s probably many more we don’t know of.

Anyway Dave, hope you had a happy Aboriginal Day.