Happy 83rd Birthday, George Reed

Riders' great George Reed is 83 today


Remember when he played the second half of a Grey Cup game with a taped up broken leg. They must have had a lot of pain killer as a shot of him on the sidelines
showed his eyeballs bulging. Live in S'toon from 66 to 71 and he was everyones favourite and a beast on the field. He and
Norm Kwon were some of the greatest inside rummers in CFL history. Didn't see their likes until Mike Pringle and later Andrew Harris and there have been only a few in the interval. Wm Stanback falls into
that category. Hope he recovers


Too young to have ever seen him play. But he is a legend and does so much community work in Saskatchewan even now. Class act.


What a great player. Between him and Lovell Colman with Calgary it seemed the Lions never stood a chance in those days.

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i grew up with Normie and George’s kids in calgary. all great athletes like their dads.

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He made it easy for Ronnie Lancaster to become a legend....

Happy Birthday George!

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Wow! In another 13 years George Reed will be as old as the Queen who'd been diagnosed with 'Old Age' just a decade ago. I wonder if they'll ever find a cure for that?

Happy Birthday George! :partying_face:

Happy birthday George , a rider always,.

Happy Birthday, hope your medical and mobility problems are not too bad.

Happy Birthday George from your old team mate about the same age Kindest regards Wayne Shaw Riders 1961-72


The so called glory days

at least one year of glory days when we won a Grey Cup in 1966 wasn't so much glory in 1967. 1969 and 1972 when we played in Grey Cups and for some reason I do not remember we did not win. My old memory just clicked in in those days we and Western Teams had to play a 2 Game total point semi final and then a best of 3 final to win the west total of 5 games in about 2 weeks where as the spoiled brats in the East played a 1 game semis final and then a 2 game total point final or a total of 3 games in 2 weeks Hard to believe it was so stupid crazy and unfair in those days for the East over the West but I am pretty sure that's true. This unfair stupidity probably or maybe had something to do with the Western teams needing more games for more money or something like that, If any fans on here have a memory of this and those times i would LOVE to hear from You as after my 12 0r 15 concussions over 14 years I don;t pretend that my 83 yr old memory is still perfect or close to it as it was in my youth.

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Rider Glory Days: 1966-1976

Saskatchewan registered the most victories in North American Professional football

​​​​​​​Regular Season
Saskatchewan Roughriders 117
Oakland Raiders 116
Dallas Cowboys 112

Including Playoff Games
Saskatchewan Roughriders 133
Oakland Raiders 126
Dallas Cowboys 122

CFL Winningest Teams 1966-1976

Most Regular Season Wins
Saskatchewan Roughriders 117
Ottawa Rough Riders 96
Edmonton Eskimos 93
Hamilton Tiger Cats 86

Most Wins Including Playoff Games
Saskatchewan Roughriders 133
Ottawa Rough Riders 110
Edmonton Eskimos 98
Hamilton Tiger Cats 94

1966-76 Saskatchewan Roughriders

Regular Season: 117-55-4 (68% win percentage)

Post Season: 16-14

Overall: 133-69-4 (66% win percentage)

1 Grey Cup win

4 Grey Cup appearances in 7 years (66, 67, 69, 72)

5 Western Conference Titles (66, 67, 69, 72, 76)

5 West Division Titles: (66, 68, 69, 70, 76)

11 Consecutive years playing in the Conference/Division Finals - still a CFL record (tied with the 1950-60 Edmonton Eskimos)

"When you beat the Saskatchewan Roughriders, you beat the best team in Canada" - Hall of Fame Linebacker Wayne Harris (1993)

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