Happy 75th Mr. Mosca

Wishing the LEGENDARY Mr. Angelo Mosca a very Happy 75th Birthday! Thank you Sir for all you have done and continue to do for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the city of Hamilton! Your a TRUE Hero and Legend!
Oskee Wee Wee!! :thup:

Congratulations Angelo, and many happy, healthy returns.

and a very Happy BD to the venerable Mr. Mosca.
a true Hamilton icon/fixure.
All the best to you and the family.

*and thanks again for the autographs last season, for the GF and I. :thup:

Happy birthday indeed to Angie! He's an icon around these parts for any CFL or TigerCats fan.

And I read on the Hamilton Spectator site when the Mosca-Kapp incident happened, some very cheap and uncalled for shots towards Angelo and towards the TigerCats on the comments section, from Hamiltonians or perhaps they were Hamiltonians, difficult to tell where people live who comment on The Spec site. I don't think FYB was doing that here albeit it was probably in a bit of bad taste for him to bring it up again on this occasion. He has apologized, and I accept that. Certainly I can be accused of being far more confrontational and ignorant here than what FYB has done here with the Kapp comment.

Happy Birthday "Big Ang"!

With regards to the "Kapp remarks"...y'know some good came from it...other than proving that Kapp is a real headcase :roll: ...Ang donated "the Kapp cane" to a fundraising event and it brought in several thousand dollars :thup:

Happy Birthday Angelo,

And many many more!!!!! :rockin: :cowboy: