Happy 70th Birthday Obie!!

Boomer and I want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday, your a GREAT GM and where a GREAT coach! Thanks for all you have done in the CFL, especially the Tiger-Cats! :thup: :rockin:

Same with My Family Happy Birthday to Best GM in The CFL :thup:

Happy Birthday Sir. I hope I am in as good a shape as you if I make it to 70. :thup:

Happy Birth day Obie won. Master mind of all things CFL! And Happy birthday to my Daughter Jennifer 22 today :thup: :thup:

Happy Birthday, Obie. :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I appreciate the good work you have accomplished
with the Tiger Cats in such a short period of time.


Don`t fall prey to mint juleps and a hammock
tied up in your backyard any time too soon.

We need you on the job here in Hamilton.

Happy birthday Mr. O, all the best!!

Happy Birthday Obie...hope all your wishes come true! :smiley:

Happy Birthday Bob.

And many more Obie! :rockin:

A good birthday gift from the team would be a win in Winnipeg on Friday. And then for them to keep winning after that, and be the gift that keeps on giving. But considering Obie built this team, wins could be considered the gift he gave himself.

A good birthday gift was given to him by those who helped make this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/12081

Happy birthday Obie. And many moreā€¦

Great guy and deserves to live another 70 years I say. :thup:

Happy 70th Obie...and many more. :slight_smile: :thup:

HAPPY B DAY OBIE thanks for the professional smart work u do for the team and this city unfourtunately u dont get ur present till november 29th