Happy 50th CFL

Happy 50th to the CFL. Here's to another 50 (Raises a glass of bubly in the air).

More '58 stuff for the nostalgic and history buffs.


Bombers beat the 'Cats 35-28.

Been saying the CFL started in 58 for some time now but people on this forum have claimed it's only Eskimo fans who say that. Guess we were right all along.

Now all together, we're sorry, the Eskimo's have won more CFL championships than any other team.

Case closed. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I always just assumed it started in 54 since only the CFL teams could compete for it then. Colour me embarrassed. :oops:

Not sure how my post got here, I posted it on another topic. Boy am I confused, I am posting from Costa Rica though and there are some differences in the language and computer keyboards here, maybe that was my problem.

Wrong topic.