HAPPY… 4TH OF JULY to our American brothers and sisters…

Thank you for your amazing space program, music , movies, T.V. and being on the good guys side , MOST, of the time.

Thank you for being CANADA’S largest trading partner and building some of your cars in CANADA.

Thank you…for having great places to vacation.

Thank you for your constitution, and it’s amending formula…genius. :smiley:

And thank you for enjoying some Canadian music , our stars and our culture.

I can’t think of any better neighbour to have.

You will get through this period in your history , and we both need other…and depend on each other. :smiley:

HAPPY 4TH, AMERICANS! you consevtive buggles you! god bless!


:lol: :lol: :lol:

…to our American Neighbours: Please pretty-please implore your government to spend more money on basic education so that people like Alaskan KangaKucha can spell half-decently when they enter into the international chat boards… :smiley: …beyond that, have a great party and be excellent to one another…

Happy B day America…

Once you’re done celebrating… Can you please start complaining that you’d like some hockey next fall…

Especially you Detroit, NYC, Bostong, Chicago and Philly…

Just complain a bit and it will go a long way…

We’ve been trying by since there are only a few of us up here (brrrrr it’s cold) and nobody seems to hear us…

In the meantime, cheer for the Gades! We have lots of Boston College players and we know you guys are watching!!!

Thank you from the states. We’ll be more on the good guys side and back on track agagin when Bush is outtahere! (my opinion)

Ironically…the best american cars ARE built in Canada.

Consistution?..yea I guess it’s ok

SOME Canadian music??? How about…Bryan Adams…April Wine…BTO…The Band…Tom Cochrane…Bruce Cockburn…Guess Who…Nick Gilder…Glass Tiger…Jeff Healy…Celine Deion…Helix…Honeymoon Suite…The list goes on.

PLUS!!! Hockey,CFL Football,Lacrosse,Curling…


Thank you for the kind words and for being the best neighbor any country could have. :smiley:

Celine Dion? Are you sure George? Let’s not forget Rush, Neil Young, Rik Emmett, Tragically Hip…Anyway, HAPPY 4TH of JULY, AMERICA!

Well i did say the list goes on. Just not enough time or space to write them all. AND let’s not forget Triumph and Loverboy!

thank you…but never mention , LOVER BOY …again…SHANIA TWAIN…ALANIS , and SARAH Mc…ARE O.K…but never LOVER BOY… :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink:

Happy 4th of July.

I guess by now I can forgive you all for kidnapping Gretzky.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

To Canada, thank you for wishing America a Happy 4th of July. Canada is a true friend of the USA. We may have differences on a some issues, but we do stick up for one another when anyone else tries to push us around. May God bless America & Canada.

“Oh Say Can You See…” Happy Birthday.

LMAO awesome man.

Oh yeah, thank you to the US of A for getting BSE on their own, can’t forget that one. :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks… :smiley:

Just to complete the musical list, don’t forget Terri Clark and Steppenwolf and two legends . . . . Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell. And thanks America for my favorite state, Vermont and its beautiful Green Mountains.

Gretzky will not bring the Jets back to the Peg. For that, I say he is an @$$!

Ok now that we’ve all had a big hug, pillow and tickle fight can we get on with talking about CFL football and how amazing the Renegades are and how they will surprise you all when they pull off the upsets of upsets this weekend in BC…

Renegades… (official team of our american cousins… b/c they are the funnest cfl underdogs to watch play)

Still upset are we?