Happy Birthday! Maybe we should find a way to change your birthdate so it comes up three times a year. We should have a poll. Did you know that if your birthday falls on a monday you get a birthday week!


Happy b-day.....don't do anything 1313 wouldn't do.....


How would we know its his birthday????

It wouldn't be becuase he went through every thread and made completely useless posts, and then had happy birthday cartoon on it.

Happy birthday KK

Happy Birthday KK.

Happy Birthday KK

happy b-day hope ul come 2 winnipeg to see the bombers

Hapyp brihthay KK:P
O Wait, Happy BIrthday KK

..Happy Birthday mate....I know you will have trouble tearing yourself away from uni designing...but heh take a little respite...on your b' day...it's ture what they say...a change is as good as a rest...have a good one :slight_smile:

happy bday


I'll drink a Molson in honor of your birthday Kanga, and think about the Alaska situation.

Happy birthday!!

Thank you very much everyone, :cry: (tears of joy) :cry: excuse me for a moment...

ok I'm back.

I really appreciate you, RW2k5 and everybody for doing this for me.

and I'm pleased to announce that for today only, TM has made all of my rules a part of the official rule book!!! but cuz their are no CFL games on today, you will not get to see them in action. IT'S NUTS!!!!!! :lol:

and also for my birthday, the Grey Cup will be held in Winnipeg and the Commonweath Games will be held in my hometown of Melbourne just for me! :smiley:

Pics of the party to come...

speaking about that, I don't know what Black represents on the Team Canada, but I firgue out what it means for me. For me, it reps Alaska and St.P&M and how they aren't a part of Canada (hence why there is black).


Happy 21st Birthday Kanga ...


Happy B day KK. For your birthday, I hope that the BB at least come close to making the playoffs :lol:
Thanks for making the forum a fun place to be.

happy birthday to our resident Aussie!

Same from me KK, have a good one mate!