Happy 100th B-Day to the Grey Cup!

Wow the big day is actually here! Just a big HAPPY 100th b-day to Lord Earl Grey's Mug on this 97th playing of the Grey Cup!

You've been lost, stolen, held for ransom, drank out of, bet on, broken and fought over for a hundred years, and hopefully for a hundred more!

Too funny. :lol:

I was just looking up the history on Wiki for the hell of it. Some pretty funny stuff.

The Grey Cup has been broken several times. The trophy was broken in 1978 when Tom Wilkinson and Danny Kepley dropped it, and in 1987 when a celebrating Edmonton Eskimos player sat on it. It was again broken in 1993 when it was head-butted by Edmonton’s Blake Dermott. During the victory celebration immediately following the 94th Grey Cup game in 2006, the winning BC Lions accidentally broke the cup from its base, which contains the engraved names of the players on each year’s winning team. It was repaired the following Monday.[3]

How do you sit on the Grey Cup? :lol:

he saw a couple of 2 year old kids doing it :cowboy:

It's not surprising that the Cup was stolen. They just showed it being brought into the stadium, and it was being carried by two guys. That's it. Come on, where's the RCMP backing them up? :lol: