Hansen Hit during the Grey Cup. Ouch!

one of the international players Ouch!

takes 2 Ti-Cats out with the same hit. Should mention that he is from the German League

That is a great hit in any football league.

Hansen contributed to Winnipeg on defense this season as well.

It’s been done before . Justin Hickman wiped out two Stamps on the Banks TD return that wasn’t in the 2014 Grey Cup . He knocked punter Rob Maver clean into another Stamp player taking them both out of action . A truly amazing play . Unfortunately though it was all for not as we all know by now without going into any further details that haven’t already been rehashed a thousand times since about that ill fated return . :’(

For those that might’ve missed it or others who have forgotten about it .

Here it is…

Edit : Correction…upon further review this play was not on the late game flagged TD return but on an earlier punt return in that same 2014 Grey Cup game .

You guys are just talking about that hit now? I leaped out of my chair when it happened, and posted about the hit in the GTD. Moster hit!
Better than the Hickman one because 1) he’s Euro, 2) he takes them both out at the same time!

As fine of an example of Euro-Crash as I’ve ever seen. :slight_smile:

Not bad for a guy who some think/thought couldn’t make the roster of a Canadian high school team.