Hank the Crank!!!!

Henry Burris tried on TSN at the half-time interview with Mathew Schinetti to really cut up Simoni Lawrence on his hit and what Hank thought was a dirty, low blow hit to try and intentionally re-injure him and take away his livelihood of providing for his family in the CFL?

Come on does Hank the Crank know that the election is over or is he still trying to get votes in favour that every hit on Hank now is a dirty one?

The hit was clean, Henry was out of the pocket, but still Hank and media pick up on it as a dirty, intentional hit by Simoni to end Hanks illustrious career, yah okay!

I lost a lot of respect for Henry yesterday in his comments and I think it just demonstrates when under pressure you sometimes say the stupid comments, right Hank? The crew on TSN agreed with you but that's understandable with Curious Schultz, Matt i'm Dune Again, and uncle Milty who have all played the game, they know how competitive the sport of football is, and how tough it can be, come on it's a grid iron gladiator sport, cry baby's like Hank go home!

it amazes me that the media and TSN agree with Hank's comments but Simoni wasn't penalized on the play on the other hand we have our starting QB Jeff Mathews who took a dirty head to the head, helmet to helmet shot by the Ottawa defender who was penalized knocked our qB out of the game late in the fourth quarter with the Cats down by 6 and not much is said??

Very SAD, I guess Matt I'm Dune Again doesn't recall that when he played in the CFL he was knocked out of the game and retired because of so many head shots and concussions as a QB??

The attitude the Tiger-Cats should have heading into Ottawa next week is like Jack Nicholson in the movie the Shining "Where's Johnny (in this case Hank) and Were Back for a fight!!!


I remember Matt crying in one game on National TV “They Tried To Hurt Me” so its right up his ally
PS every ounce of Respect I had for Hank …Gone

It amazes me, Hank crying foul on live TV like he's running for office in Ottawa? Hey maybe that's the next career after football since the guy is 3 days older than Moses?

Meanwhile our starting QB Jeff Mathews actually takes a dirty hit to the head, he's taken out of the game, replaced by Harris who looked pretty good considering the pressure he was under and time left on the clock but nothing is said by the media it all centres around Hank and his campaign or COMPLAIN, Cry Baby Rant whatever that was, to try and get Simoni thrown out??

THe media and the CFL have said how seriously they are to protect players especially QB's against concussions and hits to the head. Mathews was roughed up by an illegal hit and the Ottawa player penalized and he should now face disciplinary action and a fine by the CFL.

You see Henry that was an actual unfortunate hit on Mathews but not the stuff you are always crying about!!!


and what about the choke tackle they did on Speedy B we had to challenge it to get the call, I think the Cats are gonna Thump them hard in Ottawa now

Yah no kidding, part face mask, part choke hold and definitely a horse collar tackle on Speedy B.

Remember this is Ottawa we are talking about not the cleanest team in the league as Hank would make us all believe and they don't get penalized enough in the CFL because the refs turn a blind eye because they are the new team, the new skids on the block.

if fans recall Ottawa's first regular season game this season against Montreal, the Ottawa defenders knocked out both of the Al's QB's Crompton and LeFevour in what were called questionable hits?

Gee you don't hear Henry talking about that do you?

I wondered, if Burris had not injured his knee, if that hit would have drawn as much attention and ire that it did. In my opinion the hit was legal and not dirty or an attempt to re-injure someone. When you put on that uniform and go into the game your'e saying I'm ready to play and if you expect the opposition to take it easy on you because of a previous injury, you better think again. The last thing on my mind when tackling someone is, does his knee still hurt, or is his ankle ok, or is his back sore. A player puts himself out there, take what comes.

My Granddaughter plays in a girls summer flag football league for ages 9-12. Maybe they'll make an age and gender exception for " Blubberin' " Hank and find him a spot on next summer's roster. He can always quit if he finds the going too tough! :wink:

re illegal hits to the head and the game photo in the Spec...

I don't recall but was Ottawa's Lemon called for the obvious hit to Mathew's head, clearly shown in the Spec photo?

If some are going to whine about legal hits, maybe they should be more concerned with uncalled officially illegal infractions. Not to mention the obvious high tackle on Banks that went uncalled.

I'm not what photo you're referring to, but the head on head hit that knocked Mathews out of the game was given 15 yard major. Likewise the neck corral that Banks received was, after video review given a 15 yard major...

He may mean this one


Should we start a GoFundMe campaign?

"Help feed Henry Burris' Family (in case Dad doesn't make it home after a legal football hit)"

We could, but I'd rather start a fund to help feed Simoni's family as he's about to lose a paycheck for responding to Hank's baseless trolling.

Good one! LOL!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: And poor Hank is so underpaid too!

Hank has done well in the elite Salary range of the CFL and considering he has played 18 seasons in league at age 40 no doubt he is a high calibre QB in this league and all around good guy but his outburst on national TV on TSN at half-time left many wondering does this guy really believe he plays tackle football or a form of touch or flag ball?

The media in Canada especially TSN is saying it was a dirty hit, yet no penalty was given to Lawrence because the officials considered it was a clean hit and it was but the media and Hank are playing this up like it was the worse hit in CFL history?

Believe me their have been many more hits way worse than that hit and hits that actually drew flags from the officials.

Henry has a big chip on his shoulders like he is untouchable in this game and like many fans have said and agreed, if the hit on Burris by Westerman of Winnipeg didn't happen in the game before we wouldn't even be talking about this now.

Simoni Lawrence has apparently come out and apologized, it only demonstrates the class of player the guy is and it wasn't an intentional hit like Henry or TSN or other media would make us all believe, if it was call it a penilty that's what we have officials for?

If recent history is any indication, this thread is not long for this world ... :frowning:


Hi Holtz or whomever. The non-call on Speedy B that went to review and the RBs were penalized, what the heck was that about? When can a challenge on a ref non- call ( other than an interference ) result in a facemask or roughing penalty? This isn't allowed within the CFL rules. You cannot challenge a play and then have the reviewers call a penalty that wasn't seen by the refs! The refs really messed up, no??

100% within the rules and reviewable.

[url=https://cfldb.ca/rulebook/instant-replay/reviewable-plays-specifics/]https://cfldb.ca/rulebook/instant-repla ... specifics/[/url]

Very last one, C6:

[i]Where a turnover is the direct result of a major foul which was not penalized
(e.g. clothesline which caused a fumble, face mask on a tackle when a fumble occurs)

Note: The reviewable aspect of this play is that the alleged major foul was the primary cause of the turnover. If there was no change of possession, this play is not reviewable.[/i]

This was a new one for me and I had to check the rule book as well. I must say, this is the first time I have ever seen this challenged so good on the coaching staff for throwing the challenge flag.

I'd be curious to know if we were actually charged with a challenge as fumbles lost are automatically reviewed. Reading this:

If the head coach disagrees with the ruling made by the Replay Official on a play that was automatically reviewed, the team may still use one of their remaining challenges to request that the play be reviewed a second time.

Weird, if they don't overturn it on first look, why would they overturn it on the second look? I bet the replay official didn't realize he could overturn it either, so Austin had to use up a challenge to point that out.

I also noticed the green flag guy came onto the field for all of one second after the knocked down pass that was ruled a fumble. Thought it strange that they didn't take more time on what looked pretty border-line. Do they only bother taking a quick look and overturning it if its obvious? Seems they don't put in the effort on the automatic reviews that they do for a challenge.