Hank the Crank!

I guess after Henry Burris signed with the Ottawa RedBlacks he didn't have much to say about his two years in Hamilton and the many thank you's and outpouring of support he received from the Tiger-Cat Fans, team mates, coaches etc.

This comment caught my eye yesterday on the news and in the Spectator.

Burris helped lead the Ticats to a Grey Cup appearance last season — despite significant upheaval — and said he has no qualms about joining the neophyte Redblacks.

"I really don't look at this as an expansion team," said Burris. "Last season in Hamilton we had the youngest team in the league on both sides of the ball and I was changing (diapers) day in and day out. I expect some of the same challenges (in Ottawa).

Changing Diapers day in and day out? Actually their is two sides to every story and if we didn't have the other players around Hank to have caught those passes or performed the way they did on the field as a team, instead of an individual the Ti-Cats would have been still sitting in the basement of the East last season, instead of challenging for the Grey Cup.

It makes we wonder as a fan of the Tiger-Cats after the Henry Burris departure that he had nothing positive to say about his experience in Hamilton but lots to say to thank the fans of Winnipeg and that organization for making him an offer to play in the Peg but now he is looking forward to playing with Ottawa who has a long tradition of history in the CFL?

I think Hank has a chip on his shoulders about leaving Hamilton and feels he didn't receive theca recognition here in Tiger-Town!

Come on now. The Ticats became mortal enemies the minute he signed that contract. As for the changing diapers comments. That was a poor choice for an analogy but we know what he meant by that. Rookie RB, rookie receivers a rookie tackles, OC... Is he wrong ?

CORRECT ! wouldn't you be dissappointed if the team went in a different direction ????


No he is wrong because it takes a lot more to win a football game than one player, you win as a team and not just on individual stats of 5000 yard passing seasons, he can throw the ball no doubt but someone still has to catch it and I think for a rookie team to achieve what we did last year was great!

Just the start for another impressive year to come.

Eat Em Raw Tiger-Cats!!

My feeling is that the Cats made it to the Cup not because of Hank alone he was just another player on a team that gelled at the right time. I have no problem with him being gone I wont miss the rookie mistakes that he would make repeatedly. If we are going to see rookie mistakes it should come from a young player. I'm sure he has some sour grapes and it was a poor choice of words but I sure dont blame the team for going in a different direction. I just hope it works out.

Feel sorry for Glenn though!

Here's a tee-shirt for Hank,hope he wears it proudly in Ottawa :cowboy:

Who helped Hank with his Depends? :lol:

That's my kind of humor. Good one :thup:



Is that Wally's brother ? :lol:

First off that's Great, good replies!!

I would have thought for a guy everyone says is so Classy in Smiling Hank that as a fan you would expect more from him in leaving a team sour grapes or not?

When Henry Burris spoke more about the fans in Winnipeg sending him Tweets to come and play in Winterpeg and says nothing about where he played the past two years and the fact that Hamilton gave him an opportunity when he was traded by Calgary in early 2012 for Kevin Glenn because he was unhappy, Wow I guess the guy hated his time here? Although I'm sure if we gave him $400,000 a year to stay in Hamilton he would have been happy and thought Tiger-Cat fans and team were the greatest, say's a lot about old Hank!

When Kent Austin was introducing Zack Collaro's to the Media in Hamilton, the first thing Kent did was to thank Henry for his time in Hamilton, when Collaro's spoke the first tuning he said was to thank Jim Barker and Scott Milanovich in Toronto but Henry I would like to thank the fans in Winnipeg and the staff there?

Perhaps Burris's comments shows there was a (sometimes obvious) personality clash with Coach Austin as much as the Cats moving in a younger (and cheaper) direction at QB.

Its all convention. I don’t know why Henry would thank Austin after he punted him off his team, thank him for what ? Would you believe him if he said it ? :wink: He said over and over again he was hoping to be back provided he was paid market value. I suppose he could have thanked him for releasing him a week ahead of free agency but that works in favour of Hamilton as it forces teams to show their hand and spend their money ahead of time. I think if they had known Ottawa was going to pick him up they would have waited :wink:

Over react much?

That's just one comment in answer to a media question.

One comment comparing Hamilton's youth to the newness of the Ottawa franchise.

That's all that was.

No kidding eh, some people will find any excuse! Maybe he was not treated the way he thought he should't be. Have any of you actually talk to him on a personal level, before you pass judgement on 1 comment! We waited 14 years to get to the grey cup, and then don't even sign the Man that HELP us get there! That gave up his second 5000yd year in favour of the team and not his own personal gain! Wow unbelievable how some people flip sides in less then a day!

Oh boy, it's going to be one interesting 2014 season that I can tell ya! :o We might need some cranky towels when Hank comes to town! :wink:

Wait for it ... The off season isn't over. Expect more twists and turns :wink:


Yes your right, how Henry flipped sides in One day? Before he was let go he said players like C.J. Gable who was one of the best running backs he's worked with and yet after he leaves the team he points his finger at the amount of rookies on the Tiger-Cats and says he's used to changing diapers so all the changes and rookies in Ottawa should be No different?

How about just a simple Classy Thank You to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and it's Fans for supporting him through two years, would of been a lout more classier, especially coming from Henry, who is supposed to be a classy CFL ambassador for the game.

I think you guys are splitting hairs. Did Bob acknowledge Henry’s contribution in Hamilton when the team released him ? Let’s not forget he took a pay cut when he came over from the Stamps… So the reality of it is the Ticats got him at a discount for two years. He led them to the GC and instead of making him a fair offer, they fired him. Considering the scenario I think he was classy. But that’s me.

Austin publicallly said some very nice things about him after he left. Since when is the owner obligated to talk about any player who comes and goes.
Stop the passive-agressive trolling.