Hank still wants #1 QB status in OTT

[b][i]Finally, Henry Burris is out there somewhere, still contractually committed to the Redblacks and coming off a storybook Grey Cup championship.

Speaking to Burris on Friday, he said he was “100 per cent certain,? he would not play anywhere other than Ottawa this season.

Burris said he has numerous options, including retirement. He planned to sit down with Ottawa GM Marcel Desjardins in the next 10 days to discuss the future.

“Being told I am the No. 1 quarterback in Ottawa would have a major impact on my decision. But whatever they tell me, I will have to sit down with my wife and kids to decide,? he said[/i][/b]

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/durant-deal-adds-intrigue-to-the-cfl-quarterback-carousel-1.649515]http://www.tsn.ca/durant-deal-adds-intr ... l-1.649515[/url]

I wonder if he is going to end up in sask and finish out his career.

It's his to lose.

He should retire. Quit while he is on top and has shut up his critics.

It would be best for him and the RB's.

Harris is the future.

Hank has his second ring.

Nothing more to prove.

He can go out as a MVP Champion or in time a washed up has been.

His choice.

I remember Brian Kelly retired in after 88.

" I wanted to go out a champion and on my terms. I did not want to be called into the office and told I was out "

I would hope Hank would feel the same.

I am sure they will tell them they will not guarantee who will be the number 1 QB until they break camp .

He will either play this year for the RB's or retire .

With the Cup in Ottawa he will play but they will tell him that it's a shared duty with Harris and who plays will be up to the same coach who decided who plays last year and nothing changes .

This will most likely be his last year and he is invested in Ottawa so I think he will not let his ego harm what could be another chance to win again if he does it will harm all the goodwill he has fostered . If he heals up properly there is a good chance he is the starter either Game 1 or Game 4 depending on health for both players and which one is executing better .

Speaking to Burris on Friday, he said he was “100 per cent certain,? he would not play anywhere other than Ottawa this season.
don't sound like it.

He should retire. Quit while he is on top and has shut up his critics. WHAT!!! that's what you want!!!!!!!!
Where else could he make $300,000 next year or two.????????????? Go for the money Hank. Not a bad backup!!!

I'm not a big Crybaby Cannon (Hank) fan but the guy should do what he wants to do. For the most part he's been nothing but an asset in most CFL cities he's played.

He makes a lot of plays, has the biggest arm in the league (even at age 42) and can still run faster than field mice like Kevin Glenn or sloths like Ricky Ray.

He's trying to build a media career in Ottawa so I can see why he wants to stick around for only a slightly reduced contract.

That said, he still might be the best option in the nation's capital - if Trev Harris doesn't come out of the chute like a house on fire.

If he has to play one more year in one of: Sask, Wpg or Toronto he should probably choose Winnipeg as their o-line will give him the best protection of the 3 mope teams begging (aka bidding) on his services!

Anyone who knows me on this site, knows I am a big Hank fan.
I have defended him while others trash him and call him names.

My statement is about projecting.
It is unfortunate when top stars stay around to long and are remembered for what they become, not what they were.

They can not afford to have 2 starters, and will have to go with one.
They are in a tough position , as it would be to say " we need to move on , so thanks for getting us our cup after 40 years, now get out."

If they do not go with Harris, then in a couple of years he ends up in Saskatchewan and Henry retires.
Then they have nothing and have to start over.

Harris is good enough as a starter to win a Grey Cup.
I am only using the Riders as an example. He could end up back in Toronto.

If I am Harris, I do not want to be a back up. I will move on.

Where does that hang the RedBlacks then, with neither.

Its a rounder's league now. No more long-term dynasties - just outstanding organizations like Calgary who always seem to be competitive and mope organizations like Winnipeg who regard their fans as 'Hicks with money'. Bombers probably the only organization incapable of winning a Cup in next 3 to 5 years. :cowboy:

But when teams continue to lose better players to NFL and 1 year windows plus building a championship team only to need to unravel or down-size the next year. That's called Dynasty Prevention.

" hicks with money " ?

Call them what you will Lyle, gotta give them credit for hanging in there .

I hate that the CFL is looked upon as a development league.

Unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember crowds of only 12,000 to 16,500 in Wpg, even under 12,000 for home playoff games in the last 30 years. The novelty of the shiny new stadium plaything is rapidly wearing off and every year a few more folks are turning in their season tix - and far more are deciding NOT to attend games on a whim (ie. walk-ups)

If the team continues to pidgeon poop the masses with on-field mediocrity things will continue to skid out of control. A lot of sports money in Winnipeg was being budgeted and spent on NHL Winnipeg Jets product (returned 5 yrs ago) but the Jet owners are almost as bad, if not worse in providing an exciting and money-for-value product. The Jets have morphed into a joke - playing near women’s hockey rules for the last couple years - allowing teams to walk over them and looking like a beer league team too often on offense. The coaching is unravelling rapidly, the GM has been proven a fraud and the owner (a button down multi-millionaire named Mark Chipman has been overheard launching profanity-laced tirades from his little box high up at MTS Centre)

So pro sports fans in Wpg. are torn between bottom level NHL product or putrid CFL results. The Jets incompetence keeps the bomber fan in play, at least in large enough numbers to assure profits by both.