Hank on the Move?

Naylor's week 17 musings include Smilin' Hank and his future in Calgary.


In the article it mentions Hamilton as a possibility.

I honestly don't think Burris would fit in here, I see him more likely (assuming he goes anywhere) in Tranna, where good QBs go to die.

Do I think Burris would be an upgrade over either quarterback we currently have? Yes.

The question is how we get an upgrade in our quarterback spot in the off-season -- should the Glenn-Porter experiment falter in the next month -- with an eye to developing the next guy within the organization. Some might point to Porter as that guy, but I would argue he has to produce now because at 29, it is time to excrete or get off the proverbial pot for any QB. This IS the time that we evaluate who gets kept for next year. Myself, I think you have to take a hard look at both Glenn and Porter's viability moving forward should the team fall to win at least one playoff game.

In addition, one has to evaluate whether Jason Boltus is the developmental guy - read backup - that can be groomed to excel where Porter hasn't consistently done so to date.

Henry Burris has won a championship as a starter. He has recently had a string of subpar starts, but I think it's too early to write him off. Perhaps a change of scenery would rejuvenate his career should Calgary opt to keep with Tate in the saddle. I would be intrigued if he were available in the off-season as to Obie's interest in acquiring him. My take is that it is a very informed roll of the dice that can lay the foundation for bigger and better things should Glenn and Porter not deliver this November. Change will happen at head coach if there is an early playoff exit, so any new head coach would also have input into that consideration, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,


Like Dunigan, Flutie, and Allen? Huh? I might hate Evil Incarnate with a passion, but I do give the devil its due. There haven't been as many "good" QBs dying in Toronto as squeezed lemons and rung bells since Damon retired, but i digress.

I think Steven Jyles is a project as a starting QB and if Barker as HC is retained, they will keep with him at least into 2012.

Oski Wee Wee,


Sorry, Russ, have to disagree with you on this one. If anything, I think Burris is simply a lateral move. He's not that much different than Glenn at this point. What he once had up on Glenn (arm strength and scrambling ability) seems to have left him. IMO, bringing in Burris to replace Glenn would be a step sideways, if not backwards, seeing as Burris is older than Glenn.

I don't know what the team should do, but I don't think they should bring in Burris.

I also don't think that there will be a coaching change. It seems as if the front office is solidly behind Bellefeuille, so unless something drastic or unforeseen happens, Bellefeuille is probably back in 2012.

I tend to see it the same way as bloskee wee wee.

I've never been a great fan of Burris. I do see him as something like Glenn, a good CFL QB but not a great one. He may be a bit better, but he's also a bit older. I wouldn't bring him in.

I have higher hopes for Porter than some folks do. Not ready to write him off by any means.

As for Coach Marcel, I don't just predict he'll be here next season, I hope he will be. I think he's a good coach, has the respect of his players,and has a professional, quiet, effective style. I like our coaching staff.

Sorry to say this, but right now, Burris stinks.

I thought this post was about Ilesics’ newest shank. Guess not.

With the exception of Calvillo I find it intriguing how inconsistent some of the QB performances have been this year. Not only with Burris and Glenn but also guys like Durant and Jyles haven't been able to get into any kind of a rhythm. Durant in particular has looked really shaky considering he's been to the last two Grey Cups. This is definitely not the year of the QB.

I also don't think that there will be a coaching change. It seems as if the front office is solidly behind Bellefeuille, so unless something drastic or unforeseen happens, Bellefeuille is probably back in 2012.
yes, management does appear to support MB, but what if the team makes a quick exit in the ESF? Do you think they will bring him back next season if that occurs?

My feeling is that he will be back next season if the Cats can make it a close game in the ESF regardless of a loss, although I doubt management will tolerate a blow out and may release/terminate him on that basis.

Anything is possible, but my gut tells me he'll be back regardless of the outcome in the Semi. That's not to say I couldn't be wrong, but based on what has been said publicly, Bellefeuille seems to be safe.

I disagree. A loss is a loss no matter what the score is and that would be 3 straight ESF losses. It's up to the fans then who renew their seasons tickets. If the entire fanbase phoned their ticket reps and stated they will not be back unless there is a coaching change like what forum member Onknight did, then I guarantee you that MB would be released.

If this team loses in the EDSF game again, you know that there will be talk about how Glenn is not a winner. And so there will be those who will say that Burris has two things on his resume that Glenn does not have: Being named the CFL MOP and a Grey Cup win as a starting QB.

But I'm not so sure if bringing in a QB whose best days appear to be behind him to this town, regardless of what he has done in the past. It's what that player can do now and in the future that matters.

I can definitely see him going to that other Ontario team. With the 100th Grey Cup being in the blue team's house next year, they'll do what they can to try to be in that game. I'm not sure if they can succeed at that, but I am sure they will try.

How likely is it that the entire fanbase (or even half of them; or a third) will cancel their tickets unless we beat the two-time Grey Cup champs, led by the passer with the most yardage in football history, in their own park, in the EDSF? I'd bet the mortgage on that one.

If we lose to Montreal (I'm assuming it will be Montreal, but could be Bombers), I will be disappointed, but not outraged. If we play hard and we're competitive, then I'll be rooting for the Ticats next year as always. Come to think of it, I'll be doing that even if we get blown out in November.

If we do get blown out, maybe MB will be released, though I'm not sure of that. But management will decide that on their own, there won't be a mass boycott by fans. If it's close, I think he'll be back. That's my prediction anyway.

I wouldn't mind seeing him in training camp, but I'm not sure if he would be starting, even if he did come here. He might actually be a good mentor for Boltus if nothing else. Its seldom a bad idea to bring a 4th QB at least to training camp.

If this team loses in the EDSF game again, you know that there will be talk about how Glenn is not a winner.
That kind of talk has been going on for ages now. There is no question Glenn is certainly a capable and generally effective QB albeit inconsistent. That being said, he's been in this league for 10 seasons and has not won the big game during that time.

At this stage in his career, he has to disprove his detractors now.
No ifs, ands. or buts. The time is now not nigh.

And if Glenn falters yet again, sadly he will likely have played his last game as a TiCat.

Either way, KG should be given kudos for bringing the Cats out of the depths of depair and into the realm of respectability. :thup:

I think TO will pay big bucks to get their football gloves on Hank, the Boatmen have to make some serious moves for next season plus their hosting the cup.

Damon Allen was almost 40 when he joined the Argos in 2003. I think the consensus was that he was washed up, and I’m not sure there was another team that would have welcomed him. And lo & behold, he helped bring them a Grey Cup and won the MOP a year later.

If there was a QB - any QB - who could join our team, start for 3-4 years, and bring home a Cup, I think most of us would jump at the chance to sign him. Is Burris that guy? I have no idea. Probably not. But then I would’ve said the same thing about Allen back in '03.

At any rate it will be very interesting to see where he ends up, he is an excellent qb a fair bit of the time I'd say.

If Burris is available post season, the Argos may be wise to try to sign him considering the Grey Cup is T.O. bound for 2012.

He may have enough verve left to make one more run for the Cup.

And the Argos need instant credibility now, before it's too late for that franchise.

If Jyles is the future, let him split some time with Hank.
If not, the Argos need to bring in a young prospect ASAP and have Burris as the mentor.

Something needs to give in Toronto.

As much as the Boatmen annoy us we have to hope they can improve and get better for the good of the league. And its much more fun beating them when we know they have a good team. So here's hoping Hank finds his way to Hog Town. :thup: