Hank Ilesic comming outta retirement?

renegades are tryin to get this old punter outta retirement.

article it here:


and for those who care, an article about cancelling mardi gras and crackdown on tailgaiting in ottawa:

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story.asp?ID=134305&hubName=cfl]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/news_story.asp?ID ... ubName=cfl[/url]

That Marti Gras Thing Is Stupid, This Is Ontario, Softcore Nutity Is Legal So No One Should Have A Problem With It. The Team Was Already Being Politically Correct By Moving Fans That Felt Uncomfertable. If The League Lets Overwieght Farmers Dress In Nothing But Short Shorts And Green Body Paint Whats Wrong With Allowing Girls The Right To Expose Themselfs At A Game For $1000.

Because the city owns the stadium and grounds and can dictate that. Thwe other concern wasn't so much with the Mardi Gras itself but with the fact that money was involved and thus c/b construed as an attempt to "solicit" which is illegal.

Maybe now that city has won Mardi Gras battle with Lonie they'll ease up on plans to crack down on tailgaters. --- but again they are within legal rights to do so because it' violates terms of the Liquor Licensing Act of Ontario. It's not just Ottawa. Cops/politicans could do same thing at Argo or Cats gfames if they choise.

Hank the Shank making a comeback?? More surprising is that he's only 45!?! man, I thought he was older than dirt.

Oh my god!!!
Millington,and now Hank.
What next change the CFL to RFL(retro football league.)
Yeah Hank,is a good punter, however bring in new blood.

That Is A Good Point About The Solicitting But The Team Did The Marti Gras Promotion With The Hopes That It Would Encourage Young Males Looking For Some Nutity, And I Don't Like The Idea Of Them Setting It Up And Then Saying That People Can't Do What They've Been Encouraged To Do. Another Problem I Could See Is With Underage Girls Getting Involved, Could Be A Potential Lawsuit.

As For The Rest Of Ontarios Team Being Affected Since Neather The Skydome Or Ivor Wynn Have Above Ground Stadium Parking Lots So There Aren't Any Tail Gate Parties In The Golden Horseshoe For Them To Crack Down On.

The ARGOS have beer gardens right by the stadium.

hank the shank coming back! awesome

What do you want an old fugger like him for?

it's Hank Ilesic..sure he won't be as good as he used to be, but i'm betting he won't be that bad....but c'mon it's Hank the Shank

I'd love to see him kick again to see what he's got left. Hey maybe the Leos will bring back Lou Lou Lou. At least he could still hit them from 40 yards. O'Mahony worries me from 20 yards. Hey Wally give Mark McLoughlin a call. Maybe he'll come out of retirement and play for you again.

Hey maybe the stamps will bring back Royal Copeland (1950), Henry Copeland (1973) and they can play with Jermaine Copeland.

All three good Stampeders...by the way.

He said that he can kick better then before. . . I guess we will find out.