Hank Burris to Hamilton for Jason Mass

Lets do this deal already Marcel Desjardins Calgary is fed up with Hank and Mass can be closer to his family. WIN WIN

Don't think the Stamps would be interested even if Desjardins wanted to deal

Check out the stats almost the same. This is a good deal for both clubs

Name 	Team 	Att 	Comp 	% 	Yards 	Avg 	Long 	TD 	% 	Ints 	% 	Rating

1 BURRIS, H CGY 153 80 52.3 1248 8.2 70 8 5.2 5 3.3 83.4
11 MAAS, J HAM 136 81 59.6 964 7.1 67 2 1.5 5 3.7 70.8

Offseason I'd make the trade for Burris. Midseason its a much tougher adjustment and I'm not certain what to say. If I thought there was zero chance that Chang and Williams could develop I'd do it but since I have no idea I'm thinking it risky to their development. It is a better option that to stay the course tho



Its not working

It could happen or Maas and Holmes to Saskatchewan for Crandell.

That deal I’d veto. We have to get more for Holmes than that. Maas doesn’t even enter the picture.

Why would another team give up a useful player for Maas when they know there's a good chance of picking him up for free when he's eventually cut by the Cats. They won't inherit his Cats contract and can negotiate a new, more reasonable contract with him.

An Argo-Cat fan

Unless Burris is in the same wage category I agree.

Mrs Maas can throw longer than Burris.

they both are making the same rookie mistakes but at least Burris can move so I say hurry before Maas makes another start

Hank Burris to Hamilton for Jason Mass

Hammering Hank

If it's determined that Maas cannot overcome his injuries then his career is over. I don't think any team is willing to gamble on him now.

As for Burris? I wouldn't want to see him as the Ti-Cats' QB.

[quote="CaptainKirk"]If itWho would want Maas who can only throw the ball about 25 yards most times as his long ball? No wonder some of our receivers took such hard hits from the Winnipeg defence..they didn't have to worry about a deep threat!

Criticize any player, Maas inclused, but do it fairly.

This is simply not true.

No way Calgary gives up Burris for Maas.
I'd be nice but it ain't going to happen.
Maas has a $450,000.00 contract....noboby, but nobody is going to pick that up. :cowboy:

[quote="buckwheat"]No way Calgary gives up Burris for Maas.
IMaas has a $450,000.00 contract