Hank Aaron Passed Away

Hammerin Hank Aaron the long time home run king passed away .

Hank had the home run record for many years 755 until Barry Bonds broke the record .

Aaron finished his career with a host of accolades. He was the National League MVP in 1957 -- the same year the Braves won the World Series -- a two-time NL batting champion (1956, '59), a three-time Gold Glove winner in right field (1958-60) and a record 25-time All-Star, earning that honor every season but his first and last.

Rest In Peace, Henry. You were truly the Hammer of the Gods

Totally first class person too over and above all his baseball skills from all reports. Especially with all the racist crap he had to put up with as he approached Babe Ruth's record.



I could not agree more TravelPat1, DaveDaHammer, and Jasmine.

Mr. Hank Aaron was such a class act for the game of baseball. There are only a few sets of athletes in each respected sport that have that certain mystique, grace, skill, and just an all round great person off the field. He was one of them.

To me he is still the Homerun King. Barry Bonds is a steroid user just like Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. For me steroid users have asterisks for their achievements to not make it official.


Notice that those three cheaters aren't in Cooperstown yet

I hope it stays that way.


And yet Baseball looked the other way as the 3 users were chasing history while tarnishing it at the same time.

MLB was compliant. They allowed the juicing to bring fans after the '94 lockout.

Looks like they are considering changing the Braves to Hammers after Hank .

That would be a great way to celebrate his career and change the name appropriately .