Hanging up the Cleats: Burnham announces retirement

VANCOUVER — One of the BC Lions’ all-time greatest players and individuals is hanging up the cleats. Receiver Bryan Burnham announced his retirement on Tuesday morning after a remarkable eight-year career with the franchise that brought plenty of highlight-reel plays and clutch moments that Lions fans will cherish forever.

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noooooooooooo :sob:

Lions have some good young receivers still.

Outstanding player
Literally caught everything that touched his hands!
Best in the business

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There's a highlight reel in the making. Big loss. Amazing career.

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Considering the injuries this season, not surprised.

Burnham was amazing and made amazing catches a regular occurrence.

Good luck to him in his future endeavours.

...and yeah, BC has no shortage of good young receivers to fill his spot.

Congrats to Bryan Burnham on a stellar career. He made so many highlight reel catches throughout his time in BC. The Hall of Fame will be calling soon.

Now, does that open the possibility of BC going after Eugene Lewis or Kenny Lawler in free agency if either of them are still available? They should have the cap space.

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i’m going to miss this:

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Amazing receiver - one of those guys you would always admire even if he didn’t play for your team. Wish him all the best

Damn. At 32 I thought for sure he’d be back another season – guess your concern was well-founded @PorkyPine .
Gonna miss those circus catches.

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Yea,he had game.

Great watching Burnham playing (except when it was against the Stamps, LOL) so it is sad to see him go. He has earned his retirement and I hope his 2nd stage in life is as successful.

cool article on Burnham. love how he says he can’t wait to watch Rourke on Sundays with his kids and tell them that “he played with that guy.”

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Good career but no rings

Best td celebration ever may be Bryan Burnham's non celebration / just another day on what may have been his final CFL td. HOF worthy.

I would love to see a Derek Taylor breakdown of where he ranks in miracle catches even though there would be limited resources to measure him against previous eras.

They will sell his jersey for years to come. I hope he gets a cut.