Handshake Bowl V: Trestman vs. Barker

What's the line for Trestman blowing off Barker during the post-game handshake for this Sunday when the Als beat them again? 8)

Victory for the Als: 10 to 1 odds
Trestman blowing off Barker: infinity to 1 - just ain't gonna happen

Trestman would never intentionally blow anyone off unless that person had done enough to warrant it.

Win or lose, I expect a handshake at least.

There has to be some kind of betting squares game (10 x 10 squares for the last digit of each quarter in the game) for something like this. Can you imagine the excitement when the handshake takes place/or does not take place and someone at your Eastern Final party wins $150???!!!

How would that look? What kind of betting game could you design for something like that?

Barker porte parfois bien son nom.

On ne sait pas trop ce qui a poussé Trestman à passer vite pour les civilités d’après-match lors de la dernière partie à Toronto. Il a dit que c’était son erreur et s’en est excusé, mais il n’est pas impossible que son homologue des Argonauts l’ait affublé de quelques invectives pendant la partie, incitant Trestman à réduire sa courtoisie au minimum. Je ne dis pas que c’est arrivé, mais que SI c’est arrivé, ce sont des choses dont on ne parle pas en public mais qui passent un message aux principaux intéressés.

Après la prestation déplorable de Foley contre Glenn, je ne serais pas surpris que l’exemple vienne de haut. Je suis d’ailleurs surpris que ni Foley ni Stala n’aient eu de punitions pour leur conduite anti-sportive. Dans les deux cas, ça méritait un 15 verges pour provocation.

I hope Trestman knocks over Barker like the bowling pin that he is.

I for one am very curious why Trestman snubbed Barker. There obviously must be a good reason considering Trestmans usual demeanor. Also earlier in the week Herb mentioned Jim Popps hate on Barker.
Yet the Als traded Owens to the Argos, although maybe Adam Rita was involved.
Barker has always come across as a decent enough sort, certainly not a Don Mathews type. Although there were hints he and Hufnagel were not on the best of terms when he left Calgary.
My only hunch (admittedly a feeble one) is that Barker (who wanted him in his Calg. days) tampered with Owens at the beginning of the season when Owens was pondering his future. The Als had no choice but to accept a 4th round draft choice or lose him on waivers for nothing. Although in hindsight they obviously should have found a way to keep him.

There was no snub. I watched the replay on TSN. Trestman scoots across the field and tries to give Barker a handshake 'on the run' as he passes by -- clearly his mind is somewhere else and the denouement to that game was pretty unusual. Barker gets pissy, says something to Trestman, who stops, comes back, and shakes Barker's hand. Even after the shake, Barker didn't look happy.

To me, the situation is: a coach whose head was somewhere else (Trestman) accidentally slights a coach who apparently an incredibly inflated sense of his own personal dignity. I mean, seriously, Barker, take the poker out of your ass.

To my mind - a "tempest in a teapot".

I agree with that. His mind was on something else, he was excited, or he didn't quite realize it was Barker or something while he was running by.
I'm sure lots of people were sticking their hands out in congratulations as he was moving accross the field.
You could see he was apologizing for the mistake as well once he came back.

Maybe Trestman has in a hurry to use the restroom? An hour and a half is a long time to be away from the locker room. I'd never make it when it's that long and when the weather starts to get cold.

It would be cool if the TSN personnel in the booth would draw circles and lines to illustrate the running path of the hand shake process between those two, ...like John Madden would do as a joke in a NFL game.

Get someone like Dennis Miller from Monday Night Football to be in the booth for games or down on the sidelines to interview one or both of those guys.

Trestman made a point of shaking Barker's hand on the last day of the season.
He said something to the effect of "congratulations on your accomplishments this season" and seemed sincere about it.

Yet it didin't look like Barker was really even paying attention. I thought that was kind of low on his part. Sure you felt he snubbed you the previous week, but he should have been more classy.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who noticed this..

What I`m hoping for Geroy is when we beat the Argos Sunday, Trestman gives Barker the Superman pose!