Hands up

anyone actually play any kind of football game in a CFL stadium???

Just curious.

lol I got to throw a football at the McGill Day Camp on Molson Stadium field.. does that count?

I skated around the 400 meter track at the big O one year

umm i was on the eastside eagels and we played the chamiponship game at the bomber stadium here in the peg

I played a winnipeg touch football league there one time about 15 yrs ago. First and last time I ever been on a pro field. Kind of wierd being there, specially with empty stands. For some reason, no one was interested in paying to watch us play :lol:

Too bad too, I put on an awesome performance :slight_smile:

Played many times in Mewatta stadium, once in Mcmahon Stadium and played Rugby Football many times in Clarke Stadium.

I dont know if this counts, but back in the day, I played in a few games on a field that used to be a blue bombers practise feild.
Accross the street from Winnipeg Stadium there was another stadium with a CFL sized feild inside a velodrome.
It was used for minor league football games often and had a decent score board for its time.
It had bleachor seating that sat maybe 3000 people, but for a young kid to play there it was really something.
unfortionatly it was torn down and its now a retail area filled with block stores.


I played at Empire Stadium in the BC Junior Football JB championship game...we got the Lions locker room, and we won the game with an amazing come-from-behind-in-3-minutes victory! :smiley:

.....played a couple of games at Empire as well...H.S. senior ball (Windsor Dukes) in '80 (gr.11) and '81 (gr.12)....

I went to the Alouettes football camps, and played scrimmages on McGill field.

Ivor Wynne used to host the Hamilton High School district championship game and sometimes playoffs. I got to play there once. They might still play the odd game there now, but back then it was the old hard Astroturf. I have never played on this new field turf except after the Argo games I can go run on the field if I so desire. I get all these rubber pellets in my shoes though.

Refereed a HS football game at Rogers Center. That was pretty cool.

I, and many, many, Hamiltonians have played High School football at Ivor Wynne stadium. Of course, WAY back when I played, it was called Civic Stadium. Does that count?

It's still Civic Stadium to the cognicenti. It's just that the name's been 'tricked out' for the younger crowd.

I threw the ball around at the old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore prior to a Bomber-CFLer's match with Boomer (who wasn't in uniform for the game). It was intersting to be on the same field as Unitas and Ripkin, and the fact that the stadium was rocking just made it better.

Four years ago, my Grandson played a mini game during half time at BC Place during Minor Football night.

Yeah Ivor Wynne is frequently used by football programs at all levels from minor through high school to OVFL and the last 2 years by McMaster.

I played there a few times with Hamilton Minor Football and another few times in highschool. I don't think you'll find many Hamiltonians who have played tackle football without playing a game at Ivor Wynne / Civic Stadium.

Well anyways, all I know is that soon I'll be playing on every field when I play in the CFL :rockin:

I have played on Taylor Field twice. once for provincial championships and once for a Grade 12 all star game. But everybody who plays in regina would have played there. When I was there the field was absolute garbage.