Hamtown want Ranek

Loonie do something about it!

Why would Hamilton want Ranek, they have Lumsden, the city would turn on them

If Hamilton does want another back up for Lumsden, Josh would make a nice fit now that Joe P. Has gone there but I am begging Lonnie and Forest Gregg, please leave some offensive talent in Ottawa, or go out and get some - Casey Printers would look great on Bank St. :!:

I dont think we need Printers....we already have the next great QB in this league, Banks!! they just have to get him on the field!

There's talk of Ottawa trading Joseph to Saskatchewan, but if they are going to run that run and shoot offence Joseph and Banks would be the right type of QB's to do it with.

As long as they have an O-line to give them some time!

But on the subject of Ranek- they need to have some running game to keep the defence honest and not drop back to cover receivers every play. Ranek is a fan favorite and gives 100% every game (not to mention 4-5 yeards a carry , as long as the line's opening things up). As long as he's not asking the moon and he's content with a reduced, but not non-existant role - we have got to make signing him a priority!!!
Lonie, JJ - do not let another core guy get away dammit!

If Ranek goes anywhere, i can pretty much guarantee that he won't be a backup.

If Ranek goes anywhere I'd say it would be to Toronto to replace Avery who I wouldn't be surprised gets released. He just can't seem to do it anymore. But if Lumsden signs with a NFL club then maybe Hamilton trys to sign Ranek.

Let's be honest folks. american running backs are a dime a dozen. Ranek cannot be replaced as a man but for the money they were offering him, we could get two players for that amount. By July 30 we will forget who Ranek ever was. Not worried there. Need an O line though

Lumsden is now gone to the NFL....could make sense for Ranek to go there now.

With John Jenkins offense, the running back is really another receiver. Joseph is the perfect QB for the run and shoot but Ranek's talents would be wasted. He is a much better fit in Hamilton until / if Jesse Lumsden returns from Washington. Cats need a running back for at least the first half of the season.
The Ottawa fans had better be prepared for their quarterbacks taking lots of hits because that's Jenkin's history with his offense.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 at Ivor Wynn)

Great, that's all Ottawa fans need. If Joseph and Banks get hurt, there goes the season and I say Jenkins won't last the season. The Run n' Shoot is a shitty offense. Pass, pass, punt, Pass, pass, punt, Pass, pass, punt etc... I hated it in the 80's and I wish that idiot Glieberman had never hired Jenkins.