Hampering factor

What do you think is the single most important factor hampering Charlie and the coaching staff to get the team to a level of respectability?

Myself, I would say past trades.

Injured personnel still on the roster. No offence to Cheron and Hudson, but the fill-ins we have playing for them are a HUGE detriment to the O-line. Unfortunately, we seem to be waiting for them to heal properly, and haven't signed quality players for their positions.

Bad play by the offensive line and a bad group of receivers are the biggest stumbling blocks for this team. We need some proven veteran CFL receivers and the sooner the better. I'd be working extra hard to get Jermaine Copeland out of Calgary. The offensive line has a great group of young Canadians so I'm willing to live with some growing pains. For the life of me, I'll never understand how this team can afford to dress two imports under the league mandated limit.

Injured QB.


The team has to GEL together. The only factor as to why the ticats arent kicking @##

I don't think the players are playing collectively like a team that has one collective goal. If I could use an analogy of a group of rowers on a boat, everyone is rowing in different directions, going no where...oh wait.. that one is Bob Young's (Hampering Factor).

And I thought you were talking about THESE hampers...


All of the above!!!

Overestimation of Maas.