hammilton game

I was up getting firewood all day missed both games. did Printers get the hook or hurt what happened in 20 words or less.

Hurt back late in first half...reported as spasms later on...did not return...this will be exactly twenty words...

Just asw the highlights disregard this thread.

Not just spasms, back spasms. Although I am not sure if there are any other kinds of spasms.

Twenty words.

They said he had a hard time breathing. Thanks for the updates.

His back hurt from either carrying his ego, or his cel phone endorsements. :wink:

It went like this...

"Gasp, what have I got myself into, gasp...Why didn't I sign with Toronto...Gasp, why didn't I behave myself in BC. gasp Why did I screw around with Popp in Montreal, gasp, gasp, help me, gasp....."

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Theyll get better. I think its the coaching and they need a coach who will build the offence around him, not make him do what they want.