It's Hammer-time In Regina this coming Sunday Night!! All the best to our Tiger-Cat Team heading into the Prairies of Green Rider Pride.

Our Cats have played good football this year so far with more to come, just keep playing consistent, Hard Hitting, low penalty's , Strong offensive and Defensive Football and Forget what the so-called experts like Schultz, who say that the Riders being favorites to win, it's only his pick, not ours.

This is our year to turn the CFL table around and Gain the support of the league, let's Win in Regina for our great Fans, the Team and the Black and Gold Pride of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

Eat Em Raw in Regina boys!!!!

Here Here!!!! Eat em Raw!!

Oh yeah baby! Floyd and Adams will be back in the line up too! Riders will be tough at home but this team is on a high right now. Let's make it to the 5-2 mark :thup: . Oskee Wee Wee!

You can Bring It!!!!! Just leave Cobb at home will ya?

Cobb, Bruce, Davis, Rodriguez, Stala, McDaniel, Caulley, Porter, Glenn It's Sunday Night Football in Regina and Best Wishes to all the Ti-Cat Players and coaches Lets Eat Em Raw!!!!

Sorry man Cobb is coming and your without a Solid Middle Linebacker
Should be a great Game

I think this should be a really good game! I will be watching for sure! Loving that B.C beat the Argos last night!

It's Going to be a C&C Night in Regina, C&C=Cobb and Caully and a hole lot of yards from the backfield Warriors!!


Don't forget Seta. He's second in the league in net punt yardage behind only Duval. He's a major reason why punt coverage has been excellent this year.