Hammer Time!

There are so many exciting events taking place before kick-off and we don't want a single fan to miss a second of it.

Schedule magnets and Hammer Time signs will be handed out at the gates, two F-18 are flying over and Angelo Mosca along with Jeff Joslin will lead the Oskee Wee Wee cheer.

The highlight of the pre-game will be the new entrance video with one player (for you to speculate) leading the team out in a new and hopefully lasting tradition.

No more Mr. Nice Guy.

"What we're trying to do is turn Ivor Wynne Stadium back into a tough place (for the opposition) to play," Hamilton Tiger-Cats president Scott Mitchell said yesterday as the team prepared for tomorrow night's Canadian Football League home opener against the Toronto Argonauts.

looking forward to it K.W.

I can't wait for this home opener!

Is it a current or former player?

It is a current player.


HAMMER TIME ... Hmmm Tay Cody ????

They showed the video to the team today
after Bob Young addressed the team
on the field after the 'walk through.'

Bob' speech was long, but I am sure
the new guys know a lot more now
about what Tiger Cat Tradition is.

The video was a short but powerful
presentation of our city, The Hammer,
the city they represent now, too.

It is and awesome video.

It will be even more awesome to hear
the whole stadium loudly cheering
Oskie Wee Wee Oskie Wa Wa all at once

after the Hammer Town video is shown
for the first time just before kick off.

The boys will be inspired to come out roaring
and hungry for their first taste of raw meat.

I hope we pound the ball right at Adriano Belli
and his is the first taste of raw meat they get.

Will the Hammer Time signs be available to those of us that don't live anywhere near Hamilton? I would love to take it to Commonwealth, Canad Inns and Mosaic Stadiums with me.

I can't wait....the video and entrance already has me pumped just hearing about it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the videos the last few years and hopefully this gets everyone on their feet.

And another great move by the caretaker.....addressing the team and talkning about tradition....defianetly wearing the black and gold is something you should be proud of no matter where you come from....like the Canadiens or Leafs in hockey

Lets kick some Argo but tonight on the field and in the stands

and to have UFC fighter Josling leading the cheer just shows t is "Hammer Time"

if mitchel wants to make ivor wynne a tough place for the opposition he should give up the gimmics and try fielding a decent team


Our last name is "JOSLIN" not Josling
My bad. My apologies was heading out the door and typing quickly. I am aware of your last name and shows you should always proof read each post.

My apologies once again.

You'll need to be hammered to watch the offense this season... :wink:

let's try this, new logo. new experience, new attitude. Let's try " GET HAMMERED IN THE STANDS RATHER THAN ON THE FIELD". it is just a thought, marketing is everything now adays.

I can honestly say that I wanted to borrow that big hammer at a few points during that game. :wink:

Hammer Time??

i think you have to back up the promo with good football

Maybe we need a bigger hammer.


Maybe if Armour was given a special CFL rule exemption and was allowed to keep the sledgehammer...


By the way, I wasn't that impressed with the oppening video on the big screen. Don't get me wrong, it was ok, however, with all the talk about it, I was expecting alittle more.

The F-18's were fantastic!!!!