Hammer Time: Ticats come to terms with Bo Levi Mitchell

Someone by the name of "GridironGirl" likes to see their name in print - please stop with trying to control the conversation.

Mitchell still has the ability to do the job - stop with all the negative and give the guy a chance.

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It's an open forum. She makes some good very good points. There's lots to be said for bringing different viewpoints & opening it up for discussions. I'm all for everyone saying their piece.


To pantsonfire -

I too agree with everyone having a chance to make their point, whether I agree with them or not. However, it does get boring when the same person (in this case GridironGirl) makes approximately 15 posts and none of them making much sense, and all being negative towards one player. You too can disagree with me, but it it is unlikely to change what I think about GridironGirl, Do you know if in fact this person is a girl of the gridiron? Just sayin!

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She's a mod. It's literally her job to have a visible presence on the forums.

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She's a mod. She can say whatever she wants and jump on BLM but don't you dare say anything about her boopsy QB Rourke.
Oh No, now I've gone and done it.

And how do we know that you are actually a Fox?

You don't!

Have no idea Fox. Do you know if in fact if I'm a girl of the gridiron?:rofl::joy: Have a good one, Fox.

Now you did it Jon, or John, or Von or Don. You've gone & done opened that can of worms. (You've been awfully quiet lately. Nice to hear from you).

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How do we know if Fox1isn't a Lady
Foxy Lady- JimiHendrix style
Waynes World

Now back to Bo Levi

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what exactly is a girl of the gridiron?

i mean i just picked the name GridironGirl on a whim because FootballWitch seemed boring despite being more accurate lol.

hey watch your mouth bro


Because she's right? And it doesn't fit with what you want? Bo wants too much money for what he is now.
Everyone forgets that for all the success Calgary had they only won one cup with Bo at the helm. Not entirely his fault but yeah, one cup.


Man, some of you are so out of it - and so wrongly opinionated. Hey, that's OK - but Bo will prove those few negative voices wrong.

Just a slight correction there Squishy but it should actually read two cups (14-18) . Not entirely his fault but yeah , two cups . Which by the way is two more cups then Hamilton has won in the past 23 years .

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2 cups?...2014 & 2018?

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i hope he does because Hamilton is invested in him and the league is better with a quality competitive franchise there (and in every CFL city for that matter). but i have watched a lot of BLM over the years and i am entitled to my opinion of him whether you like it or not. i didn’t come after you and question who you are and your reason for being here just for having a different opinion than mine.

hey if BLM works out and has a good year and proves me wrong that would be a good thing. don’t construe my opinion of Bo as player as wanting him and the Ticats to fail.

Dickenson did that to adapt because Bo was breaking down and couldn’t make those gunslinging throws downfield anymore.

also if BLM leads the Ticats to the grey cup, i’d be ok with that because it would mean that their drought is over and more importantly, that the Argos didn’t win.

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GridironGirl - good to hear from you. We can agree to disagree, thanks for meeting half way.