Hammer still in our sights...

....I think there's going to be a call for BIG changes in Ham....Probably a trade or two...It;s going to get interesting in Tiger-town ... AND we thought we were the only ones with probs. :lol:

We just care more in this city!

Ummmm, better have triple sights. I think Hamilton is the least of your worries. Edmonton or Saskatchewan are four points up in the "Cross-Over" department.

Honestly Papa, both Winnipeg and Hamilton have been the two biggest disappointments for me this year. I expected more from both teams. (I actually figured the East might cross over to the West this year.)

And as a Non Blue Bomber fan, I will use this excuse for you so the others don't point fingers at you guys..... It doesn't help the situation when your starting QB is injured during most of the season so far. I expect to see a much better Bomber team when Pierce gets back.

But elliott deserves to be the QB dontcha know, why would we start pierce when he gets healthy? LOL. Sorry, i'm bringing in baggage from another thread. Sorry.

I expected more from Winnipeg. I expected the Cats to be average at best. I think Hufnagel, having been a QB and a QB coach himself, probably had a good sense of whether Burris was still a winner at QB and when he gave up on him and turned to Tate last year, it was pretty telling. Even with all the additions to the receiving group in Hamilton it didn't matter if Burris wasn't going to step it up. He started strong like he did last year in Calgary but faded pretty quick. How often do you see a QB throw picks on identical plays for pick 6's in back to back weeks (Carroll last week, Watkins this week both stepping in front of an out route)? When trying to move the ball at the end of the labour day game to get them in a position for a game tying field goal, his throws were no where near a receiver.