Before the season, the "cats" were a play-off lock.

Now they are in a tail spin.

Alot of the same players as last season, so what gives? :?

I think it's more mental than physical. The coach has some responsibility, however the players just don't want it bad enough. The qb's have been average, but if receivers don't catch the ball, you're toast.

Too bad cause the fans are supporting them, and there's no way they
will not win a game this season. The cheerleaders are number one.

A loosing streak is taxing on the team, the player and his family at home, it is also very hard on the fan base. Your right about the mental aspect of the player, so easy to go into the tank, when your playing the blame game with your teammates. I hope they don't figure things out for another few days, cause the Bombers really need these points.