Hamilton's Reaction to the new Stadium-Yikes!

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from the Hamilton Spectator

What’s wrong – and right – about the new stadium design


Council learned last month the proposed new $119-million Pan Am stadium doesn’t meet the city’s own urban design guidelines - at least so far. City staff want design-builder Ontario Sports Solutions to block the underside view of the stands from the street and improve the look and utility of a proposed public plaza on Cannon Street. Some councillors have also complained the new stadium doesn’t look much different than the old version.
The Spectator asked four local architects to weigh in on the design and council’s concerns. All four noted the cramped residential location as major constraint to ‘landmark? design. Here’s what they said:


What the designer says: the lower level will be built of masonry to fit in with surrounding homes, while the upper portion will be “light and airy,? with exposed steel girders instead of an enclosed wall that would create a visual barrier in the neighbourhood.
“There are very serious constraints (in terms of location) … (But) basically what the neighbours get is a view of parking and scaffolding holding up the stands,? said David Premi, a King Street East architect who won an award for his redesign of the downtown library and farmers’ market.
“(My) overall impression is that the exterior image is not much different than what we have now – metal siding, concrete block, exposed steel, underside of concrete seats,? said Greg Sather of McCallum Sather Architects, a local firm specializing in sustainable design.
In terms of the overall design, I’d maybe give it a “C? … It’s not provoking a strong reaction, and I think that’s a great loss.?
“Ideally, the plaza would fit into a grander vision for that part of the city,? said Premi, who has pitched a permanent design review committee to advise council on development proposals.
“I think the design should be reviewed to improve the character and landscape quality for it to truly be a great people place. It is very narrow, has parking encroaching onto it at both corners and seems tight and constrained,? Curran said.
Sather said the preliminary drawings for the plaza look “barren.?


What the designer said: the stadium is built with the close-quarters residential area in mind. An iconic, long-range profile for the structure would “overpower the neighbourhood.?
Premi said the stadium doesn’t have the “sex appeal? of a landmark civic site. “I think it’s surprising how utilitarian it looks,? he said.
“The design-build process doesn’t usually give you the best-looking facilities; it gives you affordable facilities,? said Curran.
Tom agreed with the designer that a grand design would not fit the neighbourhood. “The caveat being I think this is the wrong site,? he said.
“It’s not a signature building by any means,? Sather said.


All four local architects brought up parking. Here’s what they said:
“They need parking; there’s no way around it. But I don’t understand why they didn’t spend an extra $5 million to dig down and create a level of underground parking. Is that a big deal, for building that’s supposed to last you 50 years?? Tom asked.
“There is no way I would ever leave my car there with fans having to walk past and between the parked cars to get to and from the gates,? said Sather, who also questioned the lack of space for a bus queue.
“Perhaps it’s too late, but I wonder if it’s possible to orient the stadium in such a way to have less parking facing existing houses,? Premi said.
“It is unfortunate that maximum surface parking is being sought, ringing the facility on three sides … at the expense of a quality pedestrian environment.
I’d suggest that parking on the site be minimized or eliminated and more landscaped and gathering space be provided,? said Curran.


...and the random comments from people were even more critical. :o

It looks good to me :thup:


The Architects are actually holding back because they rely on public projects for work so they don't want to burn bridges. My opinion and I've been working with these types of projects for years. The project is under funded and there are too many design compromises because of that and the site location.

All seats and all between the goal lines, huge upgrade from the previous stadium. I as a paying customer am not so concerned with a "designer pretty" stadium if that means compromising with the budget that is available for this project.

Bottom line, it's going to be awesome but people will love to find the negative, it sells newspapers of course. I am fine with the location, been going there for years and it works for me and has served the team well for all these years.

Well they weren’t asked about functionality but design. When your on a limited budget you have to make choices and they chose on the side of functionality and I think that is a great choice. The biggest concern right now for the Tiger-Cats is the Plaza. Its not a plaza its a concrete pad to put up temporary bleachers and expand the stadium without having to put money into it. I think it was a mistake to label it a plaza because it clearly is not that and now some will demand changes to it. The should have called it what it is.

Yup, check it out :thup:


It's the "experts", and failed architects that are criticizing the new stadium.
I laugh when one "expert" said why didn't they spend another $5Million to build a bigger parking lot, while another "expert" said there is too much parking!!
Just watch the video and you will see that it's going to be a great stadium, with actual seats, not benches and all seats between the goal lines. No paying $50 for a place on a crowded bench with no back that faces the end zone not the field of play.

Again, well said mike. Below is a link to the City of Hamilton site that has further information about a stadium precinct ongoing devleopmental process as well:

[url=http://www.hamilton.ca/ProjectsInitiatives/2015-Pan-American-Games/Community+Plan+for+the+Pan+Am+Stadium+Precinct.htm]http://www.hamilton.ca/ProjectsInitiati ... ecinct.htm[/url]

I think it's worthwhile to quote one of Bob Young's posts here:

Yes, if you invite criticism, then for sure a critic will find the negative as there is negative in everything in life as I’ve come to learn. :wink:
Sells papers so the story goes. :wink:

Yes the naming of the concrete pad for extra seating was misnamed as it is not planned for the use of a plaza but it could be used as a temporary plaza if things like some of the ticat sponsors like Pizza Pizza and Tim Hortens were to be able to put up temporary concession areas during games as part of there sponsorship deals. Or even if there was room to put up small permanent resturants that can be open all year round with access for people at the game and also not at the game. Like a little food court area. I dont know how much space they have but something like this would make it a mini plaza area and still have room to but up temp seating to expand the capacity.

Maybe the word plaza was being used in the broadest sense, an open air open for whatever use. I'm not sure I understand why it's that important what this area is officially called at this point when it's not fully decided what will be done with all the space? What's the concern?

"The Tiger-Cats and the City of Hamilton will deliver a parking solution for all season seat holders within approximately a 10-minute walk of the stadium site."

And where do the rest of the fans park?

Lots of places to park from a 20 minute walk plus it's on major bus routes and your ticket gives you a free ride on game day. The location is perfect I've found throughout the years from this aspect.

Eastvanmark right on. YIKES Let the renovation planning start. Yikes.

And for those that buy into the YIKES concept that wanted it at WH, then it would have been YIKES ten fold. They are lucky it isn't being built at the gem of WH. :wink:

Just a case of someone making something out of nothing. The venue is part of something much bigger than the CFL in the Pan Am games and for a future bid for Toronto for the summer Olympics no doubt. So nothing or nobody will be able to stop this from happening.

So nothing or nobody will be able to stop this from happening.

Let's hope not steve although agree, it's a go all the way from what I can tell.