Hamilton's........QB line-up for the 2007 season.

Starting QB…Butler.
2nd back-up QB…Williams
3rd back-up QB…Chang

Mass…Traded back to Western Club.

You read it here first, folks… :thup: :thup: :thup:

for....? picks?

Based on what??

that makes perfect sense..we are going with a 3 game starter..a 3rd stringer and a rookie..woohoo!..watch out rest of the league!! :roll:
Maas had a bad year,,ok we all know that,but lets give him a chance with ,finally, some real coaches!

lol...I love sarcasm.

Maas will be fine.

When you get down to it though, maybe if management likes what we have in Butler, Williams and Chang, why not consider a trade for Maas if it suits him to go to Edmonton where his family is and if we get someone we really need in return? Actually, this might make some sense if a trade is there.

Does Maas want to be in Hamilton???

Maas will be the starter and Chang has done nothing to warrant a spot on the team yet never mind get into a game .

Butler is what he is , a very capable backup and emergency starter . Maas is making very good money and will be the starter unless his arm falls off .

If Maas is healthy:

-Maas #1
-Butler #2
-Chang #3 (if he shows at least as much as Williams in pre-season)

With his present contract, the Cats could not trade Maas. They would have to cut him. No team could take him on as a backup at his current salary.

I suppose, regardless of whether Maas wants to be in Hamilton or not, the only choice for him because of his salary is to play very well here and then when he becomes a free agent, he can look around for a no. 1 spot somewhere closer to home if then he wants to be closer to his family.

I'd be loathe to see us get rid of Ritchie Williams. I think he shows serious potential.

"loathe"such a big word so early in the morning

BG- you could try 'execrate' instead.

figgy's right, 'loathe' has so many letters, it's "so big", it's tough to get out of your mouth. :lol:

Ok let me rephrase that for those of you who don't have access to http://onlinedictionary.com/

I wouldn't like it if we let Ritchie go...sheesh everyone's a critic.

Not everyone,borehamgirl…
‘loathe’ works for me.

Two against the world is still a strong team.

BTW, I see it as ...

#1 Maas
#2 Williams
#3 Chang

Too much has already been invested in Maas and Williams to kick them aside for a perennial backup. The potential for the future lies with Williams and Chang.

I'd take you on my team any day, Wilf. :smiley:

Nobody likes 'execrate'? That's excrable!
I will now go and hide.

Perhaps even loathsome!

PS - I figure Maas starts as #1 but the battle for 2 and 3 shur look interesting.