look at the losing ways they had in ottawa...and what does hamilton now have..our dc, our oc, our o line coach...is it no surprise that we are now the new ottawa of the cfl?

DING DING DING! Someones finally got it right. Although I think Kavis Reed (DC) has been in Hamilton since Marshall got hired a few years back. But you so got it right. & its not just the Ottawa coachs Its ottawa players too.

1-Pat Fleming
2-Josh Ranek
3-George Hudson
4-Marc Pilon
5-Pascal Cheron
6-Anthony Collier
Assisant Coach/OC- Joe Paopao
Ofensive Line Coach-Kani Kauahi

Whats even worse, is 4 of the 6 are starters! and there the ones effecting the Running game. Im sorry but they brought too many washed up talent into Hamilton From Ottawa. I just dont understand it. They got Ranek and yet still made a trade for Holmes to return kicks but Willie Quinnie is alot better then Holmes at returning kicks. I think that Hamilton would have been better off Taking Jason Armstead first overall in the dispersial draft rather then trading it to Saskatchewan but yet again another Bad move by Rob katz.

and didn't he give up the #1 pick in the draft..which turned out to be receiver andy fantuz in sask.....KATZ MUST GO!

I think they gave the 1st overall pick to Edmonton In the Jason Maas Danny Mcmanus deal. & Edmonton Took Defencive End Adam Braidwood 1st overall. Saskatchewan took Andy Fantuz 3rd overall with there orginal draft pick. & Hamilton selected Center Cedric Gagne-Marcoux with the 8th overall pick that they receieved in the Troy Davis Deal which saw Brock Ralph Tay Cody & A First round pick which turned out to be Cedric Gagne-Marcoux. Haha soo confusing.