Hamilton's image - Gage Park and the bandshell

Not really much to do with the Ticats but does sort of fit in with the stadium issues, Copps etc.

I was at the Oakville Waterfront Festival a week ago and what a gorgeous stage they have in the park there for performers to play at. The I go to the It's Your Festival this weekend at Gage Park, just as nice of a setting as Oakville's with the escarpment in the background instead of the water as in Oakville, and I see a bandshell that basically looks like it belongs in some village of about 500 people.

Come on Hamilton, and this can't be that expensive, let's build a new stage and that similar to Oakville's, what we have now makes the city look rinky dink and just plays more into the hands of Bettman's and others image that Hamilton just doesn't have it.

Then maybe the Rider fans will have a place to play their banjos when they visit here.

True Ticats, they might feel right at home at Gage Park with this bandshell. :lol:

Just kidding Rider fans, of course. :wink: