Hamilton's Hump

What does Hamilton need to do to turn the corner? They have potential...they have shown that with a couple wins over the Als, but they have accomplished little to nothing against any other .500 team. Watching this game the offense seemed entirely unprepared and without a respectable game plan. the post/in route was way over done, but it looked like their only play.

Glenn did not look great in this game, but I think the play calling was a huge part of that. Is Jones simply the wrong OC for this team?

I feel this team has serious potential, and really could be the team to beat, but they are not showing up at games.

they are mostly a young team and if they do not panic, and go mostly with the status quo, they will be a force next yr.

Glen looks horrible, is his time up?

...Glenn is the qb. we always thought he was..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

We've heard that exact line for 10+ years now, at what point do we get to watch a real football team?

I really think its' coaching. I believe they don't have the coaching necessary to become a 12-6 team again.

what is a real football team.

By real I meant elite, this team was supposed to be top tier this year and instead they’re struggling to fight off the bottom feeders.And for the previous 10 year we were supposed to have a team, PERIOD which we didn’t.Patience wears thin in the hammer, Obie and everyone said it best .500 is completely unacceptable in the Hammer this year.

so basically Marcel's Job is on the line...

IMO their defense is underachieving. This SHOULD be one of the best D's in the CFL. Motivation or something in the locker room...I don't think it is the DC, because they are playing about the same as last year.

The offense is stagnant. Is Glenn playing his best ball...not, but again, they just looked unprepared and unable to adjust again today. perhaps Jones needs a new assistant, perhaps he is the issue. Maybe they should see if Berry is willing to come in as an assistant OC...and no I am not joking, 2 sets of eyes might really improve things, and he has the experience to walk in and bring something to the table. He can add some motion to the sets, and maybe assist in a wider play package when throwing the ball. It seems, especially against the Esks today, that their routes were predictable too often.

I would think a sub 500 finish would put it in dire straights. He needs some new looks on the O.

Bellefeuille will probably go. Which isn't necessarily wrong, as he's not a great coach. But it doesn't matter who's coaching; their record reflects their QB. Kevin Glenn isn't going to lead a team to anywhere other than .500 over the long haul.

What do they need to do to turn the corner? Most likely, they need Porter to start fulfilling his potential or failing that, find someone new.

I feel that Marcel has brought the Cats as far as he can take them. They are no better than a .500 team under his leadership. I've said it before but they remind me a lot of the Danny Barrett Roughrider teams of earlier this decade. They have as much talent as any team in this league, they just are so inconsistent. One game they look phenomenal, the next game they look like a bottom feeder.

They need a change at the helm to take them to the next step.

I hear Greg Marshall is available.

Seriously, I still believe the man never had a chance in Sask. I still think that if he can pick his own coordinators and staff, he might turn out ok. Its obvious that Miller was a better fit in Regina, but that doesn’t take away from Marshall’s capabilities. And Marshall is familiar with Hamilton and its systems.

I wouldn’t want Berry as my team’s water boy, though!

I dunno, I think that the way that Hamilton is building their defense they need a little more time. They have some talented dudes back there but they are all young. Bo Smith, Ryan Hinds, Marcel Young (:P). They are trying to play press and man with rookies and near rookies. Some weeks they look amazing. Others they look like ... well rookies. Give them a bit of time. This time next year their secondary could be damn solid.